Writing/Composing Music

Writing music and lyrics…playing the piano and guitar have been the food that feeds my soul. Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare. I would love to hear about your love affair with creating music :notes: :heart: Heck, show me some of your work … I love to collaborate…better known as, jamming :guitar:

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I’m more of an instrumentalist, like Kurt Cobain the music came before the words, I been doing some collaboration work with some local guys, just as a hired gun it’s been my MO for years,

I did start to write something years ago I never finished haven’t shared it I might tho

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My lyrics always come first… haha :smile:
I always had to have them exactly the way I wanted them. Im kinda a controlling musician. The guys I use to play with use to look to me to make changes or lead. They’d be blasting away and when I walked the door they’d all stop and ask what I wanted them to play. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

I would have to say a lot of my interest in music, is very deep, it’s a part of my faith in myself. I guess if I could have ever had a healthy addiction it was with music. I’ve been a musician for 18 years and I’ve learned a couple instruments in that time that I’ve loved playing. I lost passion being a drummer about 10 years ago, I hit a plateau in the learning curb and became more focused on my new love that came to be, I started playing piano and keyboards and invested in a workstation that I’ve been recording music on since 2012. I used to record contemporary classical music, some instrumental experimental music but I lost passion in writing for a couple years as I hit rock bottom. So now being sober again I discovered how much I enjoy house music, edm, darkwave all sorts of electronic music and then started getting into Nine Inch Nails, now focusing on writing again and it’s a very nice feeling to be doing what you are passionate about in life :metal:


MISS HER :weary:
My piano… I cant even speak of her :pensive:


All of my guitars are at my ex’s house,

We haven’t spoken since I left and I’m not in a position to deal with her, and her nonsense

I had or have
Schecter Hellraiser
Jackson Dinky
Ibanez super strat
2 fender acoustics
1 12 string epiphone
Music man bass,

Various pedals, inputs a processor and my beloved orange amp, plus microphones and such


Saving grace… I agree. Passion unveiled…

Music has been part of my life my whole life, I gotten away from it, but my biggest downfall was for me it was a money maker, I loved it but I loved the dollars more, so I learned everything I could guitar drums bass, you name it, my name fury is derived from a few things but I had a guitar teacher who once said dude, your a one trick pony, it’s a fury of notes like a pissed off version of mike ness, stop that be more melodic,

Anyhow, my drug abuse counselor noticed how incredibly skilled I was as a guitar player, and sent me to a rehab called recovery unplugged, it changed my outlook on music from money machine to creative outlet, and it led me down the dark road of the story of Jonathan at first where I wanted to hang myself with guitar strings, I pulled out of that really quickly


Jesus, Chris!
I’m glad its a positive thing for you, once again.

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It was always a positive thing, but when I first left treatment I was really down on myself, I was being pulled in every direction, except for the direction I wanted to go in, it was devastating to say the least I wanted out fast

This is the kinda stuff I do, yes I dig prince guy is such an underrated guitar player, but I made it more metal bluesy vibe, I got to get my old laptop. So much unpublished music

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Prince is great man, theres well I pulled a lot of my house influence is from Daft Punk on Random Access Memories, very soulful album and it gets you feeling in with the music

I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years. I don’t remember not playing.

I’ve owned god knows how many guitars but my weapon of choice is an Ibanez Jiva.

Guitar became my ‘addiction’ when I gave up drinking and drugs first time round and that’s pretty much how it is now. @Dejavu and I regularly write and share music with eachother. The sort of stuff I play is on my instagram which is jtadman27 - I’m a soloist over anything and my thing is legato sweep picking, two handed tapping and economy picking.

Thank God, for my guitars. Creativity is definitely a wonderful outlet to get sober to.


I’m huge into legato and economy picking it’s my preference just feels and sounds so much smoother,

Never was a tapping guy, could never really fit it into my style other than some odd sounding triads here and there,

Sweeping is mixed in here and there, I never really mastered it, where as you watch guys like Paul Gilbert just up and down the neck with it, but I don’t really practice it much

Yeah legato and economy picking are definitely my comfort zone.

I was never really into tapping much either. I learned how to do it when I was quite young and thankfully I kept the knowledge but its slipped its way back into my playing recently - Especially since i’ve gone back to floating bridges. I don’t do it much but usually if i’m not quite ready to take a solo all the way up to the higher notes, i’ll do some triad or quadruplet taps just to fill the space and gear it up. Or i’ll play a 16th triplets in legato and then segue in and out of tapping.

I don’t tend to do sweep as a standalone technique; it creeps - I’m not the biggest fan of it unless its legato sweep. Again, its something I learned years ago and thankfully still have the muscle memory; so If i’m playing Nita Strauss stuff or Avenged Sevenfold solos then its there but its not authentic.

Paul Gilbert isn’t human.


If you’re talking about percussion tapping, I don’t do that!

Edit: I wish I could though!


Similar I fall into sweeps and tapping as fillers, or just a pentatonic run in 3rds or something,

Your an Ibanez guy huh? I love Ibanez but have a loathe for floating bridges, I started with schecters in 2003 and loved the feel when tuned down never really looked back,

Most recently my thing has been harmonized 3rds and 5ths al la la old school Metallica and maiden, Boston was huge into it too

Different type of tapping my dear,

We are talking like Eddie Van Halen eruption tapping,

Ah right okay so you probably play in minor phrygian quite a bit if you’re into Maiden and 'talicker.

Yeah I was always more into Les Pauls. I had a 2018 Standard up until a few weeks ago but I sold it because I bought a Jiva and its just fucking perfect. Hands down the best guitar I’ve ever played. I used to have a Schecter Omen - Good shred guitars. Floating bridges are a bit of a hassle to restring but once you’ve done it a few times they’re really versatile especially if you have one that isn’t a floyd rose. Mines the Ibanez Edge Zero II and it never falls out of tune even after excessive divebombing or really aggressive whammy bar work. I agree though; I don’t have a guitar in standard tuning. My Ibanez is in D standard, My strat is in C sharp and my gibson was always in E flat.

Edit: Funny you mention Eruption - That’s what I play to warm up!

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just making sure your paying attention, :laughing:
I know nothing…

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