You are getting old when


You ask your wife to pluck an ear hair and she looks and says “which one”? :joy:


Or when your three year old asks, “Mama? Why do you have cracks in your forehead?” :roll_eyes:


When you tell a story and start with “The other day…” And realise that other day was over 10 years ago


Or when your getting your hair cut and the barber asks if you want him to hit your eyebrows.


Singing a song that’s been stuck in your head for three days from 1996 and your kids ask you why you’re singing the Ford f150 theme song


When you realise you prefer salty popcorn to sweet and you can only manage three slices of pizza :joy: used to eat a large plus a pint of ice cream in my teens. Although, by most standards, I’m still a baby :joy:


When you work in a Children’s Home and you’re out with the Kids and people think you’re their Dad :sweat_smile:


At least it isn’t grandad


When you get excited about buying some new cutlery, pots and pans etc :joy::joy::joy:


When you label your home cooked frozen tuppaware containers.


I feel like we would get excited about the same things. I was practically jumping up and down when I read your comment I love it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


When slip-on sneakers, khakis and a sport coat are fancy enough for a wedding.


when you find your first driving licence the drawer dated 1970


When you hire someone that was born after you graduated from highschool.




You have to start planning social occasions weeks, possibly months in advance


This is unrelated but reminds me of the time my oldest daughter when little said (I happened to have been sewing girl Scout patches) “mommy, are these lines on our hands from when God sewed us together”? Is that not the sweetest??


Yup, I’ve hired three people now that we’re born after I graduated. I just can help but feel weird that their birth year starts with a 2. WTF?


When someone calls at work and wants to complain about an “older lady” who is a few years younger than you.


When all you want for Christmas is matching socks.