You are getting old when


When you see the “must be born on or after this date to purchase alcohol” sign at the store - and the date is after you graduated from high school.:roll_eyes:


Yess… so i still have a few yrs left then…ha!


Such a baby, Donnie!:wink:


Or when you look at the sign and realize you have kids born before that date.


When your daughter’s 40th birthday is coming up!


When you sit on the porch with @Yoda-Stevie and yell at the damn kids to getoffmylawn.

Still waiting for the invite…


You have an open invitation. I’ll leave the light on.


I got excited over a manual kitchen aide can opener😂


…when 9 PM sounds like an excellent time to go to bed…
…when you brush grey loose hairs from your sweater…
…when you make that akward croaky sound getting up…
… when students in their twenties ask if you would like to exit through the door first…
…when you catch yourself saying “I’m getting too old for this / I remember when / During my childhood…”

Oh. The list goes on :roll_eyes::laughing:


@Benedictine - you look like you drink from the fountain of youth.:hugs:


Add to the list “back in MY day”. This implies that you’ve had your “day” and now it has passed.


When you no longer give a crap about what you look like in public and your wife has given up on you… she now just rolls her eyes when I head out in sweat pants and flip flops.


When your kid goes to practice applying makeup of others and the foundation points out every single wrinkle, most of which you didnt know you even had.


I got happy just reading you did :joy::joy::joy:


When you can’t start a movie past 7 pm because it will end too late.

When you go through your kids Halloween stash and get excited to see flavored tootsie rolls. Where do “old” people find these!

New Appliances are the most exciting purchases ever.


True. Rule in my house was Dad gets the Smarties. Love me some Smarties.


When I laugh too hard telling mom jokes and get called ma’am on the same day


I had to giggle!




… When people start calling you sir. Ack!