You are getting old when


When you find out you are older than your employees parents. Ouch!


When any of these things excite you:
Cancelled plans
Removing the dryer lint from the trap :slight_smile:
Early bird specials
All your favourite songs being played in the grocery store
Having matching lids for EVERY Tupperware container
Regular bowel movements


The best plans are cancelled plans!

I’ll take a night in over a night out 10/10.


You know your an old fart when you go hairdressers and they say
“Do you want the sides tidyed up” or have you ever thought of growing one side as a comb over!
When you find a grey pube.
When you hobble out of bed.
When more people look younger than you


Loved this one hahahahahahaba!!!
One big fart throws back out. Nearly choked!!!


When you can finally order from the back page of the Denny’s menu.


When you feel awful in the morning even tho you didn’t do anything fun the night before :joy:
This is my life. I hobble with my cane out of bed every morning like I was out drinking all night. Lol
Or when you have half as much metal in your body as you do bone. :joy:


When you accidentally said pound sign instead of hashtag

When you need reading glasses and used to have bionic eyes

When u type bionic and recall the show, The Bionic Woman. Gah!


@rmgrimmer calls me Bionic Woman :slight_smile:


You get so much hardware, eventually it’s going to start controlling you, instead of the other way around!


I know right. Lol


You might wanna check out this thread Sober Poops


When you remember having used the of these


My mother still has hers, and it still works. It has been used for 4 decades now.


Haha This pretty much sums up my good night’s when hubby asks :joy:



Or when you remember people that were using pagers were cool. Im so glad i was in the era or remembering what its like to not have mobiles. I was talking about this the other day. I think kids now days!!! Have missed out.
Contacting people is so in personal now. Quite sad.


When your knees make more noise than a creaking staircase like mine!


Your colon starts falling out of your ass.


Haha - I had to explain what a pager was to my 16 y/o son a couple of weeks ago. He LOL’d (as he should have). …True story - my Ex’s brother was probably one of the first buyers of those things called ‘car phones’ at the time.


Please tell me you don’t wear a visor!:wink: