You are missed


Since I’ve joined this forum there have been several people that have impacted me greatly with their kind words, stories, triumphs, struggles, and even just their activity on here. As I SLOWLY climb out of this stupid fragmented only half plugged in presence, I’m beginning to remember stories, names, situations, and sobriety milestones beyond myself and have noticed that when someone goes missing from the forum for a little while its either because they are doing really good or on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I thought we could use this thread to tag some of those whom we’ve come to appreciate and let them know that their presence is missed.

@Success I know you’ve been traveling, but I also know your back… so vacation over, come back and share your positive words of worldly wisdom and all those ‘lols’.

@Shelbyeriss Missing your enthusiasm and appreciative spirit on here! Your kind sincerity is missed.

@TheRealLife Miss your creativity and perspective!

@Nate_Harbison Where’ve you been bro?! I miss your writing and following your inspiring journey!

@Hailey Where’d you go girl?! Miss that beautiful face and the internal beauty that shines through it.

@rabbit What hole did you fall down? Hop back to the forum, your missed!

We are all valuable tools in each others sobriety tool chest and when a tool goes missing, we are all a little less refined.

Love, light, and sparkles your way!


@wannabe where are you??? ( I did say that I will keep an eye on your progress :slight_smile: )


That is a great idea @Naturehippy !!!

There are a few people I haven’t seen around for a bit, but I don’t want to harass people by private message in case they just want some breathing space.

But I do wonder how @ChrisP and @kpear826 are doing :purple_heart:


We all say things or relate to each other on different levels and frequency… @kpear826 definitely impacted my vibe with some of her words!


There have been so many to leave since I began here....I don't think I could list them all unfortunately :frowning:
I do hope they know in their hearts how very much they've helped me thru this recovery journey I'm on, both the ones who've left and the ones who are left. :blush:
Each story, comment and post has meant so much to me and I thank them and you all!!


Aww @Zara and @Naturehippy!! Y’all are awesome! I also have drawn inspiration and encouragement from both of you! This forum was a godsend and while I haven’t been active lately, I haven’t forgotten about all of the lovely souls here who have impacted my journey in ways that I am forever grateful for!! 83 days strong because of all of you :heart:


Yay. Great to hear you’re still going strong!! :muscle: :muscle: :heart:


@Elle I think of you every day and hope you are okay. ALL of my love!


I miss her. I’m tearing up thinking of her at this moment. I hope she’s ok. :disappointed:


@kiki @Igotthis88 @marsha @Soberlife05 @Goose @Ray_M_C_Laren @Mrkivi @Sophie23 @Kimber818 @Dr.Lucifer you are missed :blue_heart:


@Mester @Merv @Success @Rickwills @Freedom @rabbit @Rachel_Marie @SoberSteph @Rikk @TB315 you are missed :green_heart:


Thanks @Melrm for mentioning me.

At 149.50 days sober, Rockin and Rollin along. I might be in the fortunate bunch.

Just haven’t been on here much, busy with life.


@Goose Oh, I’m so glad to see you :slight_smile: Rocking your sobriety…awesome!


Where you at @Dan_Alexander? We miss you


Welcome back brother.


thanks babe ive had a few rough weeks :frowning: havent given up just feel super guilty


Together, we got this :slight_smile:


@AmberUnbuzzed where are you?


I am here, but unfortunately things have not gone well since January. I had more sober days in January than all of 2016, and then Iost all control. Every morning I have the intention not to drink, but when the evening comes, I say I will just have a little, and a little turns into a lot. Ugh I am SO sick of it. I feel so tired. I really need to give my body a break.


@carmen071 where did you go? You were one of the first to reach out to me and offer advice and support…:heart: