You are missed


And @Quit4myDaughter ?! Missing all the positivity and funny memes


@SobahCobra79 Where you at bro??


YO!! I’ve been stuck in my head. Still just kinda throwin away little chunky quits here and there but Im still drinking a lot less than I was and I tossed out an entire liquor cabinet full of poison. Just the Mrs didnt want to see me flush the fine whisky so im just trying to go as slow as I can to avoid another mental breakdown.


On a good note I hit 1 year since I quit smoking cigarettes.


You okay @Expat


Missing you around here bro


Hi there. Thanks so much for the message. I appreciate it.

I’m doing very well thanks. I was at rehab for the past month and I just got back home last week. I have been doing well. Been sober for over a month and I can feel that this is it for me, that this is my time to get sober for the last time. I learned so much at rehab, about regulating my emotions, about addiction, about how to live life. It was a life changing experience.

I now know how to work through situations better than before and how to do it without alcohol. I met some amazing people who have been daily support. I want to share what I have learned with all of you too.

I’m just in the process of sorting out my life and planning to move as well. It’s all on the right track. I feel very grateful to be on the path to sobriety.

Thanks for checking in. How are you?


Great to hear!!


That’s fantastic to hear! I am doing well, just trying to beat this like all of us are. Glad your back!


I know buddy. I know. Just been dealing with a lot. Mechanical issues on my truck and a flea infestation. I just let these things get to me.


Today’s day 186! Can’t believe it’s been six months! Life has been very stressful the last few weeks. My boyfriend has been coming off of suboxone, today is day four for him I’m so proud of him! But it definitely reminds me of how whiney and needy and quite frankly how bitchy I was when I was coming down haha. Our ferret passed away a few days ago so that’s been really hard. Work has been stressful but hopefully everything evens out soon lol. I’ve been donating plasma and I’m off to go do that again this morning! Hope everyone has a great day :upside_down_face:


I’m so sorry about your ferret dying. I recently lost one of my dogs, I remember the day we picked him up like it was yesterday. He will forever be in my mind and heart. :heart:


Fantastic to know you’re doing so well @nillafresh!




Yes, @alpine_1975, its been a while buddy?

Also, @lizak, I miss your hearts, and colourful posts… Where are you?

And @wannabe, you still around?


You doing well @Surfin_Bird


@Ashe hope you are still doing well, this was your last post, “Going on a road trip to North Carolina and feeling strong in my sobriety so feeling great about the trip. Some fresh new scenery and sober minded adventures coming my way:)” hope to see you on here again


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Thanks Goose, am somewhat back on it. Have a job interview Thursday, so need a clear head and positive attitude! Getting my outfit ready and got new shoes overnight. Working would solve a lot of issues!


@Ashauna Are you ok? It has been a long time.