You are missed


I hope everyone is o.k. Miss reading your posts. Stay in touch :-).
@Surfin_Bird miss your exciting posts, I know you left voluntarily.


I ditto what @zepolarne says


Same here - and @Naturehippy and where’s @Zara gone?


Yeah right, @Enaps, miss your sober selfies and posts. Don’t be a stranger


Yeah…@Zara. Haven’t seen you in a while.


Hey guys. Thanks for the shout out.
I’m still here :smile: Still wonderfully sober, living life, one day at a time :smile: Working hard and taking good care of myself and my kids :smiley:

I do check the forum daily to see how you are all getting on, just haven’t commented anything in ages.

Sending lots of sober love to all of you!! :heart: :heart:


Great to see you @Zara. Thanks for checking in.


Hey Everybody, I’m here. I’ve been really sick with a very rare disorder. There’s a nerve in my brain it’s the 10th cranial nerve, the vagus nerve in Latin meaning the roaming nerve, the cranial X nerve, the longest running nerve in your body running from your brain splitting into two veins at your throat running down into the bottom of your spine to your rectum where they join into one again. It controls every organ and connecting your outside body with your inside body. It is the least known about vein in your body there’s only one specialist in the state I live in for this disorder and in some states there are no specialist for this disorder there’s only 88 people in the world with this disorder. So when I become emotionally involved with different little group/thread this causes me to become ill. Which doesn’t allow for my body to function normally. Then I become physically ill. I know some say it’s easy not to get emotionally involved but I am an emotional caring person so that’s hard to do easy for some some can drop kittens in a river and off at the pound I bring kittens home and love them and don’t find them homes I raised them that’s the difference. So in return my organs in my body pay the toll. So I have to keep watch Ihave a hard time with drama. Worrying I’m a person who lives with reality and truth in life so, I have to separate myself from different types of worrying Different types of drama. Just so I am able to breath, it’s already claimed my heart. as much as I would like that doesn’t mean I dislike anybody or like somebody more it means that I have to take care of myself so I can stay well and perhaps get one more day everyday. I am thanking God for every day still on this earth. Still sober and clean no relapses. 17 months cleans seem like a long time. But yet its just a drop in the bucke then you look around the world. I am so thankful for every keychain. Some days are a real struggle and some are not. We know how that works!
I still pray for everybody to stay clean much easier days to come. Thank you for caring and e-mailing sometimes you can catch me on Kik I checked that sometimes, my screen name there is a lilly_ Maybee as that I don’t have Facebook so I don’t have messenger that is the only other way to catch me to check on me. Love you all aways


I wish you all the best pal! I remember when I was new here and I always got “Likes” from you and that helped me a lot:) ill pray for you to have the strength and hope you need.

Stay away from that drama mamma!!


I’m sorry you are facing such a isolating problem. I will pray for you because I think isolation would make this fight harder. But you know we/I will be here if you need to just vent. Take as much care as you can. Best wishes


I am still here! 270 days!

It’s been a roller coaster, but I’m still here.


Friday night and im not drinking dude. Tired of running from my insignificant problems. They wont ever stop but i can stop.


Good to hear. Thanks for checking in. Good to see you.


So good to see you. :-).


That’s what I’m talkin about Bro! Good to see you!


Yeah I’m Good, just havent been on here in awhile. Focusing on recovery and be a better me. Still going strong. 237 days


Thank you for thinking about me @anon69871201 and @zepolarne. Hope everyone is doing well


@SobahCobra79 where you at brother???


You too my man.


@MissDuse hope you’re doing well!