YOU GUYS! I’m back!

How are your classes going @Knives69?


Same here! I remember you Knives, and am glad to see you back, even though I’m a little late to the party. Look forward to seeing you around.


So great to read your update! What classes are you taking? Conservation work sounds excellent, I know it is a competitive job market in the UK. Hope the job hunt is going OK and life is treating you well :heart_hands:


Ah! Sorry I’ve been gone! I finished off spring quarter with a 3.9 GPA. I took English 101, general psychology and American Indigenous studies (which was my favorite). This quarter I’m taking Spanish 1, abnormal psychology and survey of astronomy. I GOT ENGAGED! I get to go on to house arrest next month, and generally I am doing well. I had gotten a job at a candy store before I started school, which was good because it was downtown Seattle and it was beneficial for my recovery to reach out to addicts there. I feel like I really got to help a fellow alcoholic before one of my last shifts. I haven’t seen him on the street since and ny fingers are crossed he got the help I offered. For that reason alone, I really miss working downtown. I love the people and I love when I get to talk to someone. Yesterday was Seattle pride which was so amazing :’)
Here are some pictures as of late. Oh, and three years sober next month as well. :cherry_blossom::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
That last picture is of me in front of all our prison visit pictures on the fridge.
I wouldn’t be here without my recovery. If anyone is looking for a sign, THIS IS IT!


Thanks for checking in Knives! And for the update. So much good going in your life! Makes me happy on my rainy morning commute. Thanks again and keep going and growing :people_hugging::sparkling_heart::people_hugging:


Congratulations to you on your engagement, on the 3.9 and all else! Super proud of you!!
What inspiration you will be for many.


Congratulations Knives, that’s wonderful news. I’m happy for you! :innocent:


Beautiful pictures!! Great to see you thriving!!


Beautiful! Great update. Congratulations on the engagement and everything else :sunflower:

Congratulations :clap::tada::clap:. Such wonderful news!

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