You Might Be An Addict If


You might be an addict if you have padlocks on every drawer and cabinet in your house.


You might be an addict if you’re watching porn on your cellphone… while driving


Ok…y’all ready for this one???

You might be an alcoholic if once you run out of booze you take a piss and contemplate drinking it…I wonder what the % of alcohol is in it after all I’ve consumed??



Done that before, sad to say.


I’ve done it regularly. When working as a pizza delivery driver, I would watch porn while rushing the food to the customer. Surprised that I didn’t get myself into an accident.


You might be an addict if you delete your wife’s hard drive in order to hide that fact that you’ve been using porn on her computer, and then make up some story on how the computer somehow erased itself.


Oh god, googling bars and bottle shops brings back memories. Not just on Christmas day. Most places in Australia close at midnight.


You might be an addict if you pick up a street walker 90% certain that she is an undercover cop because she quotes you a ridiculously low price for full service. But you end up letting her in your car because of that 10% possibility that you could be wrong and wind up getting arrested.


When you leave the front door open as you sneak out at night because your worried the sound of the door closing will wake up the family.


When you leave the bottle at the side of the house just in case someone woke up when you snuck out, then after a few minutes retrieve it via the back door.


All of these mate. And your story yesterday so so similar to mine.
When I went to the petrol station at night to get beer I’d try and be as quiet as possible. Thinking I could start the car quietly!:joy:
Come back and switch the engine and lights off and coast into the drive! :joy:


Might be an addict if your strollin in a 87 honda crx 5spd the perfect quiet car and easy to push.(litterally sounded like a sewing machine ) me and a friend would ride around vacant and abandoned back yards looking for scrap while their neighbors or they where asleep. Then sleep in the car to hit the junkyard in the morning.


Might be, if u drink at home and when run out of booze leave your husband & little daughter and go to a local bar (the worst one) and hang around drinking with a bunch of strange men, get into car with them to continue partying with them & pills unknown.


… you alternate between liquor stores so they don’t think you’re drinking too much

… You turn on airplane mode on your phone so your SO can’t see that you’ve stopped at the liquor store

… You find an excuse to go run an errand because you don’t think you have enough alcohol at home

… You always bring at least a bottle to any gathering even when assured that it’s covered, it might not be enough

… You carefully wrap up empties and burry them in the trash bags so no one sees and they don’t clink together

… Every day you wake up saying it’s the last time

… Every evening you assure yourself tonight is different, you can stop at one or two glasses

… You like to pretend that your headache isn’t from a hangover, it’s the wear! Or stress!

… You have a series of hiding places around the kitchen

… You take up drinking diet cola… So no one knows you’re still drinking (mixed drinks) after you stop drinking wine for the evening…

I could go on…


I have done every single one of these lol.


You might be an addict if

You’re digging for porn in the dumpster that you threw out the night before.

You use recovery software to get back porn that you deleted from your computer several weeks ago.

It takes you less than a minute to find porn on a device installed with K9, Net Nanny, Covenant Eyes, or any other filtering service.


This one is really sad and I have never admitted it to anyone. I will hopefully ask my daughter’s forgiveness one day. Here goes:

You might be an addict if you wake up to go to work still drunk and on the way to daycare with your 3 year old daughter in the back, you come to just before you are to hit the sidewalk and lamppost.

I could’ve killed her and me…I had a guardian angel that day. I will never forget that. I hope to forgive myself on day.


Yeah, i became pretty proficient at getting around internet filters. K9 was useful for a while. Last line of defense is self-restraint.


Maybe you have self restraint, but I don’t. The only choice for me is to block myself from the internet altogether. :grinning:


Thats my point though. There’s no amount of blocks and barriers that can keep a determined addict out. The last line of defence must be self-restraint. We must change ourselves from within. Break the internal cycle, instead of just acting like the problem doesnt exist or white knuckling until the next bout of cravings strike. Not saying any of this is you, btw.