You Might Be An Addict If


oh, this one is great.


You go to the shop to buy your 8 can “limit” ur wife thinks you drink and you drink the 2 extra ones u bought on the way home which is actually only across the road from the shop!


You might be an addict if the only baggies of liquids you put on an airline security scanner belt were filled with bourbon miniatures.

It was extra special doing that at say 6am, while saying “mornin’” to the staring at me TSA agents.

You might be an addict if you googled if doing so was “allowed” or not. Had to get around paying for so many draaanks on flights.


You offer you’re father in law a glass of single malt, take the bottle out of the cylindrical container and the bottle is empty … shit !


You blacked out and forgot the bottle of bourbon you hid in the dryer and it’s laundry day.


If you have a few “go-to” liquor stores that you went to at set days of the week. Just so the owners wouldnt realize how much of a drunk you are :blush::blush:


You might be an addict when your dealer starts to worry about you and when your guests have to eat cereal with a fork.


You might be an addict if you drink cans of beer with cigg ends in


Here’s a recent one!
Your attempt to register with Sober Time fails because apparently you have already registered two months ago. But you have no recollection of it because you were drunk the 1st time around (good intentions though))


If you are finding empty beer cans and bottles hidden…nearly 11 months after you quit drinking…


Oh, my…Those are some ninja hiding skills!!)
I found a hidden wine bottle in my pantry from a month ago last night. My first reaction was quite unexpected. I laughed SO HARD! Like, who was I hiding it from? Did I think if I hide it I can pretend I never drank it? I thought I was so sleek…Fooling nobody but my silly self.


Yep - I found one in the Halloween decorations.:roll_eyes:


I did the same thing with beer. Drink what I liled at first and then the cheap stuff.


Yep. I had a rotation.


If you keep offering to fill peoples drinks up so you could go inside (while they’re all by the fire) to pound a shot on top of the wine your guzzling…and then run upstairs to do a line so you still seem peppy.


Hahaha, hell yes to this one. I once bought 6 bags of coke in one go and the dealer had a look of concern on his face.

This topic is hilarious, especially as we realise we all had similar “hide our addiction” behaviors.

Eg. Went to different supermarkets every Friday to stock up on weekend booze so the staff wouldn’t recognise me.


8:00am-- you wake up feeling like shit and vow never again…

11:00am–you are actively planning what to buy on the way home from work

8:00pm–you are lying on the bathroom floor…

Repeat. Every. Single. Day.


Yeah, different experience for me.

You miss a huge party at the University because you’re holed up in your apartment locked on a porn site.

You only get 2 hours of sleep because your brain wakes you up every time your eyes shut to go look something up that youd forgotten about.


… you look up porn to masturbate to every night right before bed just to feel like you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile you’ve caught yourself browsing through a few dozen clips of various types of porn looking for the perfect moment to climax to while all the while it has been between 10-60 minutes that you’ve wasted for an orgasm to calm your mind and sleep… :pensive:


Yeah, it always ended up being like an hour or more for me. Just jumping from one video to the next to the next.