Young gambler


So i started gambling at the roughly 15. Im 20 years of age now, ive been winning and losing and so on… im in a really hard place, i have no one i can trust. I dont want to tell my girlfriend as im worried of the outcome and she doesnt deal with pressure as well as it is. When i gamble i feel free and its my type of escape. I dont really drink or smoke… so for me its my very bad, costly habit. Im currently at the bottom of a £800 overdraft and im slowly paying back 3 loans at the moment. I have tried so many times to stop but my brain works off impulse. If it wants to do something. It will. Help me guys. Im losing the last bit of my energy i have left.


Here you go:


Do you gamble at a casino? You can tell them you want to be kicked out if you show up. I think they call the police

Or so you gamble on your phone?


I gamble on my phone, i tried to use gamban to stop me playing on my phone but i just deleted it so i could gamble… im a mess


As I am sure you know, gaming devices are designed so that the house always wins. Keep reminding yourself that.

Like with my addiction (alcohol), you will likely have to take action to help you along. Like, get rid of your smart phone. Cancel all your credit cards and bank accounts except one. Ask the game companies if they can bar you. Contact a gamblers hotline as well.

You can recover from this!


Hi dasindog, how could i get rid of my phone though? It is contracted, i have no credit cards so i suppose that is good


I used to work in a casino and everyday we had people bar themselves. Many hit rock bottom, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time.

My wife works for a mobile game company who makes a virtual casino, same story, people everyday ban themselves because they can’t stop playing and it cost them thousands of dollars.

Addictions, whether alcohol, drugs, or gambling, , are progressive, they will get worse over times. So you have to ask yourself, “What am I willing to do to stop?”. Perhaps ditching the phone is last resort, but it may have to be an option.

I would take the first step though, today, and call a problem gambling hotline, talk to a professional.


How about its time throw the smartphone in the garbage or lake for a good old fashion flip or bar phone. Some still have internet access but very limited.


I agree with buying a crap phone - one that is made for calls and texts only. Old school Nokia style.