Zoom Number

What is the Zoom number for meetings here? I gotta write that down. :unicorn:

They post the link before each meeting I believe, so keep an eye on the thread :slight_smile:


Yes we do. There might be older links on the thread that have expired. A new link will be posted at the beginning of each meeting


@Salty @Olivia
Looks like 11 am on Sat.
Thanx y’all! :unicorn:

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@salty @Olivia @Phoebe
Its at 11 am tmrw? Do u know what time zone thats in? I dont work tmrw and thought maybe i could pop on for abit :slight_smile:


That would be FABULOUS!! 11 AM Pacific Time :smiley:


When I croak and meet the Lord at the pearly gates of Heaven I will be able to tell him that during COVID Lockdowns I found this ZOOM meeting and made new friends from FINLAND who taught me about hand unicorns and having saunas in your own house!!! GO TEAM GO! WHOO!

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I don’t see any Zoom link for 11 am Sat. PST.

So the Zoom mtgs are not dependable? Hmmmm.
Just checking. :unicorn:

I think it’ll posted in about 10 mins!

I’ll start in 10-15 minutes.

No worries. I can go to a women’s mtg. on the hour. :unicorn:

Hi guys I’m in the process of some things. I’ll be on in a few.