109 relapses in 331 days

Relapsed now…average sobriety 3.04 days


What is a stretch? Like a string of days you were sober? You counted 109 of them?

If that is correct - thats about a year of total sobriety :slight_smile:

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Do you have enough of it?

I know that sound harsh, but if you do you are willing to do everything to change.
Like changing people, places and things to stop drinking/using.
What are you going to do diffrently this time?

I don’t think you’ve relapsed at all. Sounds like you haven’t stopped drinking!

You need to change something. There’s so much info and knowledge on this forum. There’s also AA.

Resources for our recovery
Advice for the Newcomer and Constant Relapser

Pick a few things and stick with them. Report back on how you’re doing on this thread. Stay in touch.



You need to up your defenses a bit more against the alcohol.

It sounds like you’re on the cusp of being able to do this properly but just not quite there…

You know what you’ve got to do. And you are capable of doing it.

I can suggest a very good (and inexpensive) book… maybe €7 on Amazon, or something like that.
It’s by Allen Carr, on “stop drinking” (though I can’t recall the exact title).
It’s a very easy and quick read, but I find that it has helped me quite a lot.

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