12 days clean 😊😊😊😊

I’m Heather. Im 44 years old and I have two children. I am a recovering meth addict. I never thought those were words that I would say about myself.… As of today, April 7, 2017, I have 12 days clean. The physical withdrawals the first few days were absolutely unbearable, and have gotten so much better now. That alone is something that I cannot go through again. It was horrible. As of today, I’m feeling much better and have noticed myself becoming more interactive with Home and family. I chose not to go to rehab, and hopefully that was it an acceptable decision. Addiction is something that runs in my family and I know that it will be a forever fight, as I grew up with an alcoholic mother. I was halfway through my masters degree, when meth entered my life. Needless to say I failed out of school, and I am currently trying to obtain the money to go back. I am determined to go back to school and finish my degree. I downloaded this app, because I need motivation and support. Feel free to email me.


Hi @NoleChic and welcome to the forum. :wave: Congrats on taking the first big step. To get through the first week or two as you did is an incredible accomplishment. :muscle: You can do this!

Here is a useful thread on getting through early recovery:

(Surviving Alcohol Withdrawal/Early Sobriety Techniques)

And recovery-related links that members have posted:

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Congratulations, this is huge!!! You’re on your way to a valued life :two_hearts: I’m 12 days into my sobriety and though there have been a few moments of β€œAw, drats!” I am very proud of how it’s going. Excited for you to share your journey! Keep it up!

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Congratulations on your 12 days!

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Thank you so much!

Congratulations on your 12 days. I created a recovery chart in my bedroom that allows me to mark out everyday that I’m free from alcohol. I reward myself every 7 days with a hot tub date, movie night, favorite dinner, etc. I think you should try it. Good luck and I’m rooting for you!! :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4: