Different Aspects of Recovery

Here’s the section to add any links that pertain to sobriety and recovery. Anything that may be helpful to someone else. Anything that adds to alternative ways of thinking about sobriety. Please share your resources.

When u fail over and over again
Newly Sober
24 hours sober
I threw it all away
Don't know where to start
Feeling like a need a drink
Introduce Yourself
30 days gone again!
This is embarrassing but I have to try
Fatty livers, booze and blackouts
Sober and depressed
Hello my name is Emma
I think it's getting harder
100% sober
New here and failed already ☹️
What I have given away
This could be my last post
2 months sober..and dying to drink
1st full day sober
New life? I don't know what I'm doing
Week Sober. Stressing it
Surviving Alcohol Withdrawal/Early Sobriety Techniques
1ts full week of sobriety!
Hoping for a friend or two that I can check in with
Down the drain
New here and 1 day down!
Scared out of my mind
Reached the Big 4-0 and changing my life for good
Advice to prevent relapse
Getting off of opiates, benzos, alcohol, sleeping pills and nicotine
Day 2.. Enough is enough
Starting my own journey
Unsure decision
Was I born to be an addict?
New to Sober Time Day 1
Day 1. Trying again
I make a fool of myself and I remember everything
I'm tired of making a fool out of myself
I do this for me and my GF
Day 17 sober- 1st time posting
Ways to stop self harming?
Intro, day one...again
Nobody to understand my fight
Day 2 sober
Angry Drunk Blackouts
Almost rock bottom
Introduce Yourself
Incident brought me back
Relapse weekend
Its only pot but I cant stop
Introduce Yourself
Day 1 dopamine addict
Harder then I thought
Day one again :(
Living in Houston fighting to stay sober and stay clean for good
Am I strong enough?
Alternatives to AA
First day sober!
Different this time, hopefully
Please help me kick my meth habit is ruining my life
Going on 2 days 😆
I'm Nervous!
Again, finally
Feeling the feelings
Relapse and Introduction
Just starting out!
The wall / relationship effects
Any words of wisdom?
Day 1...Again
Day 1 & 1/2
Hello. New to this. 5 sober
New to this struggle
How to Quit Drinking without Alcoholics Anonymous
Obsession relief
Family Struggle
Time has come
Introduce Yourself
Day 3 & feeling great
Lurking thoughts and temptations
Everything hurts
And I find myself here
Introduce Yourself
First day on a sober app
Feeling so lost
10 days off blow
Introduce Yourself
Trying so hard
Long story short
Well i screwed up
A new beggening. .. i hope!
Urges to use
Day 1, again
Day one, and what made me decide
I'm an alcoholic I guess
Losing hope
My hit to rock bottom
New to recovery, HI everyone
New here (and to recovery forums in general!)
Day 12 - Moving Forward
Time for a fresh start
Facing lonliness
Other apps?
Introduce Yourself
Why does it feel like this?
Newcomer here
Happy Sober Saturday
New Journey
Member badge achievement
I want out of this hell
The Struggle is real
Frequently asked questions about sobriety for newcomers
Recovery Tools
Looking for support real talk not cliches
Reinstalling the App
Conflicted about where to go from here
Time to make a change
Introduce Yourself
Confession time
Introduce Yourself
It's a new day!
Hi all..new to this
Hi. Needy post alert
Need to end this
I could really use a drink
It's been 25 days
Grateful to be here, now
New here. Trying really hard to stay sober
Hit rock botrom...again
And so here we go again but I remain hopeful :)
First sober holiday/ vacation away
Advice for the Newcomer and Constant Relapser
Tired of hangovers
A little bit about me
New: 12 days sober!
Vices. Vices
Hey I'm new here and my addiction is
Back and broken
Been here before oh dear!
Average stretch of 4.18 days since Feb 😕 I can't stop relapsing
New here. Relapsed again😩
Hello everyone I am new to this app
Take 2 - Coming Back After Relapse
Hi everyone, I'm new here
New girl here
Erik's Story
Keeping on keeping on?
So many things I have to quit
Day 1 for me, again
Where do I begin
23 days and counting!
Really want to put a 4-letter cuss word here
Ready to change
Day 1 here we go!
Eye-opening reality check
Getting threw the first week 😓
Managed to make it a week
1st sober weekend completed!
15 days new to this app
12 days clean 😊😊😊😊
Not ashamed


(AA cliches that actually work)



SMART Recovery


SMART Recovery tool chest



AA online forum


AA world headquarters



Meditation in recovery


@Elle nothing particular, just wanted to create a section for links to different avenues of recovery all in one place. We’re always talking about what works for us all over this forum so I thought it would be easier to find it all here. Recovery can be other things besides addiction. Do you have a link for the worksheet you posted earlier?



Entertainment in recovery


Hobbies in recovery

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Great idea @Melrm :+1: :smile:


These are awesome @Elle, thank you. :smile_cat:

Baby steps @Elle. I was in bad shape this time last year to the point I had to do something even if it meant meds. I was a complete mess…couldn’t eat or shower or function properly. I missed a month of work. I got help and feel different. Just be patient, okay?

Hope this is still on topic. Just some tools, or maybe just distractions? Some useful for stress relief…

I found #5 helpful:
“Player 2 is a tool that helps you deal with conflict or any problem really. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure game, but for solving personal issues.”

I thought #12 was a little creepy until I got a hug from a unicorn. Just give it a try if you need a Hug.

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Nutrition in recovery



Drinking/using dreams in sobriety



Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)



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Sex in recovery article

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Relapse prevention


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Hey @Gemstone123 this topic has a lot of good links to look into. I can personally recommend the Smart Recovery tools. The handbook is around 12$ on Amazon or you can download their worksheets on their website for free. For me, having the handbook available to physically write things down has been a great distraction and really helped me figure out my cravings/triggers, work through them, And focus on my long-term goals. But I’d look into all the links and find what works for you-


Thank you for tagging me

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