1st sober weekend completed!

Good afternoon all,I’m new to this app,1st time writing. 8 days sober and my husband and I just completed our 1st sober weekend in the history of our 9yr relationship! It was fantastic not waking up hungover,depressed and annoyed at the kids for being too loud,we kept really busy and went ice skating,hiking,went for a cruise on the motorbike and went on a mini road trip down the coast. Feeling positive and happy atm,hopefully that continues :blush:


Welcome aboard @Cassie and woop woop, well done on 8 days! That’s fantastic :blush:


You sound like a commercial for sobriety @Cassie!
It’s amazing that you’ve both got through the worst week so well. Here’s hoping week 2 goes as well for you!

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Hi @Cassie and welcome to the forum. :wave: Congrats on your first week! And sounds like a fun week too!

(@Charlesfreck now there are two pinkish "C"s - someone has to set a profile pic!)

Here is a useful thread on getting through early recovery:

(Surviving Alcohol Withdrawal/Early Sobriety Techniques)

And recovery-related links that members have posted:

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This is amazing to read!! Getting out and doing sober activities is awesome! Waking up clean and sober every day is a miracle!! Keep up the great work!


Congrats! My first weekend too. It feels great

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Thanks everyone! I’m on Champix at the moment to quit smoking and I think that might be helping take away some of the alcohol cravings. Unfortunately the Easter long weekend is this week which may prove a little challenging but we’ll see how it goes. I did just get my new Brisbane Monopoly board game delivered today so might challenge the kids to a tournament on the weekend :slight_smile: