2019 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)


I suppose I asked for that :joy:


1000 mile approach socks are really good


Yeah. At least some added padding and, if you spend an extra dime, less friction.

Also check articles on how to properly lace hiking boots. If they’re not properly snugged at the top they’ll slide around a lot more and cause blisters (if ya don’t already, of course!).


@Eke thanks for the tips. I actually tried loosening them round the ankles so I definitely need to look up how to lace them properly :see_no_evil: In my defence of my ignorance I have never had a pair of hiking boots before, I’ve always used walking shoes or trainers.

@HailsTales will check them out!


:+1: I wear my trainers for casual day hikes. Better for building ankle strength and having the added support when needed, imho. Usually save boots/ankle support for one’s that are riskier (e.g. isolated, longer, or more challenging terrain) or if it’s just plain messy out.

Of course, still gotta break those puppies in! That’d be miserable on a long hike.


Just did a couple of miles today as I haven’t quite come up with the solution for my ankles while I break in my boots. Relaced them though and got some walking socks which definitely helped.

Anyway, the wind was howling again today! But the sun did manage to break through the clouds a few times.

Edit: I was thinking about this picture and how I felt when I took it, catching the sun before it went down behind the hill. It was a sense of hope. I guess sometimes you have to walk through some shadows before you find the light.


I must admit I get nervous walking alone. I worry about animals AND I worry about “bad people”. I’ve actually gone for hikes with a box cutter in my pocket. I’m considering getting some bear spray too for some hikes.

BUT at the same time I much prefer walking alone. Ideally I like to walk alone in a very popular spot. LOL


Yea in England the worst we really have to worry about animals wise are cows. They are pretty intimidating but manageable. Not on the same level as bears :joy:

On my big walk last year the main thing I was worried about was falling down a hill and breaking a leg or something and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. I found an app called SOS mate which was good enough to put my mind (and my mum’s!) at rest.


I live in pretty much suburbia but it is all developments put up after clear cutting forest areas. A few years ago there was a baby black bear walking through the school yard. We also get coyotes on our streets looking for turkeys. As far as I know nobody has been hurt but I still don’t want to meet one walking through the remaining forested paths.


While spring hiking in Alaska once, I followed advice to play loud music to warn bears off. Generally they aren’t confrontational there so long as you don’t accidentally sneak up on them. They’ll just go away.

It had… unexpected results. I was listening to Lindsey Stirling (the “dubstep violinist”). As I hiked a group of some kind of groundhogs started chirping loudly back at me. :rofl:


Just a jam sesh with the groundhog crew, obvs :joy:


It hasn’t snowed here since Wednesday but it’s been cold enough to keep it all from melting on the grass. It was really nice this morning, that cold crisp air but blue sky and sunshine. Lady likes scampering about in the snow. Watching her happy makes me happy :dog::heart:


Laaaaaay-deeeeeee! :heart: What fine company, such a happy puppers.


She is the best! I know I’m biased but still. Although not such a pupper. We think she’s about 9, although she’s a rescue so not 100%.

I hit procrastination level: expert yesterday and set up an Instagram account for her :see_no_evil:


@Eke isn’t this your part of the world…?


Indeed! I’ve been up there to see the seals. Though not quite that many of them. :open_mouth:

(wait… maybe sea lions usually? hmm.)


Sounds like it’s worth another trip to me!


Got a decent stretch in this morning!


Yesterday’s walk Iiam peak district.