2019 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)


Hiked a quick 6 miles in these hills today. :heart:

Little girl yelled down the switchback, “DADDY, WE SAW HORSE POOP!” Much laughter had by all. :rofl:


What a time to be alive! :joy:


Took the kids on a hike up Mt Ngungun on the sunshine coast,Qld. They were pretty impressed.


I bet they were! What a cool place to go exploring.


Had to be a little careful not to slip on the ice today.

Could have made for a nasty fall.

Great view from the top though. Wish I could share it without making my location obvious.


If I’m doing my American math correctly, that’s like 46 miles- lol! :open_mouth: How many days will you have to do it? The most I’ve done in 1 day ever was 12 miles.


Yea that’s about right. It’s a 24 hour thing - I did 35 miles in 13 hours last summer so that feels pretty achievable although I need to get onto some serious training to get ready for it!


6 miles today, need to step up the distances but there’s still plenty of time and it will get easier as the weather improves. Very windy out with a mix of sunshine, rain, and a short but sharp hail storm.

I really love walking in the wind (when it’s not raining/hailing), it just feels so refreshing. Blowing all the cobwebs away!


Wow! That’s impressive!


Helped lead a few mile coastal hike today with some of our visitors around Carmel by the Sea.


Amazing shots!


Wow! What a awesome surrounding, would love to walk there! Despite my afraid of hights :blush:


This was intended to be a run, but strong head winds and nagging hip issues made it a hike instead.


2 mile sunset hike with the kids :blush:


Not a hike as such, but a nice plod about with the dog. It’s a bit windy but the sun is shining and it feels like spring has sprung!