2019 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)


Hiked a quick 6 miles in these hills today. :heart:

Little girl yelled down the switchback, “DADDY, WE SAW HORSE POOP!” Much laughter had by all. :rofl:


What a time to be alive! :joy:

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Took the kids on a hike up Mt Ngungun on the sunshine coast,Qld. They were pretty impressed.


I bet they were! What a cool place to go exploring.


Had to be a little careful not to slip on the ice today.

Could have made for a nasty fall.

Great view from the top though. Wish I could share it without making my location obvious.


If I’m doing my American math correctly, that’s like 46 miles- lol! :open_mouth: How many days will you have to do it? The most I’ve done in 1 day ever was 12 miles.


Yea that’s about right. It’s a 24 hour thing - I did 35 miles in 13 hours last summer so that feels pretty achievable although I need to get onto some serious training to get ready for it!


6 miles today, need to step up the distances but there’s still plenty of time and it will get easier as the weather improves. Very windy out with a mix of sunshine, rain, and a short but sharp hail storm.

I really love walking in the wind (when it’s not raining/hailing), it just feels so refreshing. Blowing all the cobwebs away!


Wow! That’s impressive!

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Helped lead a few mile coastal hike today with some of our visitors around Carmel by the Sea.


Amazing shots!

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Wow! What a awesome surrounding, would love to walk there! Despite my afraid of hights :blush:

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This was intended to be a run, but strong head winds and nagging hip issues made it a hike instead.


2 mile sunset hike with the kids :blush:


Not a hike as such, but a nice plod about with the dog. It’s a bit windy but the sun is shining and it feels like spring has sprung!

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Got 12 miles in today, you will see mile 3 was pretty slow, I met some horses and cows which slowed me down. I’m not really sure how to deal with them and they are big so I err on the side of caution! One of the horses was pretty friendly and gave me a snuffle so that was nice.


Just hiked with my spouse and my two oldest kids in “De Drunese duinen”. It’s like walking on the beach without the sea :wink:


Oh wow that’s so cool!

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Oh my! Was Lady with you? :rofl:

This happens to us in the east hills from time to time. It’s funny because they’re not really a big deal if you give space and don’t get between them. But when you see a whole group in person they’re still dang big and intimidating looking!


Fortunately Lady wasn’t with me as I think with the cows that could have been stressful! There must be something about me because both the cows and the horses came right up to me.

One of the horses was friendly but one was quite skittish and kept trying to turn side on to me (I used the friendly one as a bit of a barrier). Eventually they realised I didn’t have any food and ate some grass, and I could go past. The cows followed me across the field, they didn’t get too close but close enough that if they ran at me I wouldn’t have been able to get away. And once I was over the stile and walking with my back to them at normal speed one of them did try and ram the fence. They’re buggers :joy: