30 day challenges


Exactly @Eke it would have been rude not to!

If you meet any more friendly goats on your travels take some pictures of them would love to see them.


That is such a nice way of looking at it.

And :100: spot on! #GoTeam


Rise and shine, day nine!

35 Burpees :ballot_box_with_check:️ times myself, took about 3 minutes. Did the first half too quick, need to pace myself better.


Day 9 done.


Days 3 & 4 done.

1.30 mi, 11’ 49" pace.


Woke up too late for yoga this morning and it’s a rest day from Burpees :raised_hands: Will catch up with yoga after work.

For now enjoying a cup of tea, curled up on the sofa with my dog.


Day 10 done


Yoga done, pretty much bed time now.

Day ten, feeling zen


Start mine tomorrow.


Day eleven done. Yoga camp video was 45 mins which I didn’t budget for so do a quick 15 mins one instead. Got yoga class tonight so will have more than my share for the day!

35 Burpees done, didn’t time it but took it slower to start with and it felt better. Not good :joy: but better


Day 5. Rest day? Carbing up for tomorrow? Umm… :roll_eyes:


Go with it :joy:


Sounds like a good plan :grinning:


My BFF was saying she’s starting a rowing machine challenge of her own, every day. I said it sounded intense.

“Yeah. I know stuff will come up though. If I shoot for everyday, life will figure the rest days out for me.” #wisdom


Week three of coopers test done…this week a new personal bet of 2430. I had a pair of helping feet…a friend of mine who is in great shape came to keep me pace…Was a nice run…soon I’ll hit 2500 :slight_smile:


That’s so true. The meditation I did this morning was all about falling off track with meditation practice and how it doesn’t need to mean we give up completely. Just get back to it when you can.


Day 6. 1.33 mi @ 11’08"/mi pace. New trainers arrived today, too. :athletic_shoe:

I vaguely recall it taking months to get to a 9’ mile, my goal for this month. Nonetheless… Onward!


I’ve noticed that running speed is 100 % about VO2 max…unless you can improve your vo2 max, then it’s really not going to get better the running pace…
lots of different exercises though to improve the max…


The advice on that seems to be regular high intensity running and losing weight. So… I should keep doing those things? :confused:

(I’m still ~ten pounds from my target weight and then it would be ten more pounds to where I was when I regularly hit 9’ mile.)


What is vo2 max? I know I could just Google but in here now :grin: