365 or 366 days My FIRST CLEAN YEAR

My365 days, but this year is 366 days, :smile: when i celebrate my anniversar, or i celebrate it 2 times :sweat_smile::grin:

The point is that i amvery happy, if you can friends if you can be clean, even the most inveterate addict can stop consuming. You just have to have the sincere desire to stop consuming, and lay eggs or ovaries living only one day at a time, at least thats how it has served me using the tools that the NA program :large_blue_diamond:taught me, :blue_heart:and talk to others recovering addicts, :blue_heart:and my sponsor. :large_blue_diamond:The NA program does work​:blue_heart:, today i feel that i am a miracle of my superior power,:blue_heart: i am very grateful to him​:blue_heart::pray:, and this :blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::heart:SOBER TIME community :heart::black_heart::purple_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:that has helped me a lot in recent months reading his experiences and passing the message :slight_smile::blush::heart_eyes::heartbeat:… We are not alone, just for today i have not consumed.


My english is not very good. I use the google translator. I hope my words are understandable


Congrats! :goat:


I was veryconfused a year ago, today in judgment.


Very well done! What is your favorite change in the last year?


Good job man,you look great

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Wowww…Congrafulations!!!:v::v::v:Victory!!..wishing you many more clean/sober years to come!!:heart_eyes:

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feliz cumpleanos de austeridad


My mental health, the tranquility that I have now, life does not weigh so much on me now, now I have the courage to love and respect myself, to be useful to society and my family, and even when the disease wants to attack me with negative thoughts with my self-esteem, today I have the option to react differently, and if I can’t, I have a support group that listens to me and loves me, I don’t feel like just my friend, that would be the main thing, even though everything I can happen in the day, in the week, I don’t feel lonely anymore. and it’s nice I have tears :), because at some point I didn’t resist life anymore, I hated to wake up, I hated my existence, and consider myself the worst trash in the world, a failure, isolated from all, friends, family, in animal state. stop feeling like this is my favorite change, but I have many character defects still to work.


Congratulations! And a double celebration of sobriety is a rare but awesome thing!
I am at 1 month and 4 days now and I hope to one day be where you are now! Be proud of yourself for surviving and fighting this disease! Buena seurte con tu futuro mi amigo! (I used to live in Guatemala but my Spanish is mostly gone now xD)

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ahahaha really a clean day is celebrated every day, thanks for your good vibe although I already asked my godfather and he tells me that it is tomorrow this year it is a double effort ahahaha 366 days, according to “sobertime” is today ahahahaha.
and well I was also in your shoes, I also saw my recovery friends celebrate an anniversary when they just entered the process, it still happens to me with those who celebrate more time, but it is the outcome, the daily work, that makes this so wonderful, much strength for you

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Congratulations my friend, your duel sobriety is such a inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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I just downloaded this app as I am a cocaine addict and am ready to quit but also scared as hell! I look forward to the day I will be able to say I am 1 year clean. One day at a time though right? :slight_smile:


My friend, welcome to this community, it is wonderful, and if my friend, this is one day at a time, this is how it has worked for me, we have addicts who originally were an hour at a time, or a few minutes a Once, my favorite substance of consumption was the one that you mention, I know the hard work that is my friend, but the one that you look for how to stop consuming is already a great step, the one that you ask for better help, I had to understand that I I could not alone, that I was impotent to my addiction and I repeat it day by day, I do not want my addiction to control my life again. Entering the Narcotics Anonymous program is my lifeguard, my compass.

If you can look for support group meetings it would be fantastic, my friend, you are not alone, you do not have to go through this growth alone, which is to have a new lifestyle.
here they are in meeting now, enter it would be very good for you

and if at any time of your day you are overwhelmed give yourself time to read this.

but above all friend remember, no matter what happens, don’t consume.



One year is such a great milestone to hit.

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íFelicitaciones por tu éxito!

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I can really relate to this! That was me ten months ago too! I’m so happy for you you’re not in this state of self hate any longer but much happier now!! Congratulations on one year, super awesome! Rick on!

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Wow thank you thank you so much for your genuine reply! Just reading from someone who was once where Im currently at and has come such a long way gives me so much hope.

Congratulations on an entire year! 365 days of getting better at getting better!

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Your words are fantastic…and so is your year of sobriety report!! Congratulations!

¡Sus palabras son fantásticas … y también lo es su informe de año de sobriedad! ¡Felicidades!

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