Aa meetings where to start

I want to go to a meeting but it feels overwhelming idk where to go how to start it’s kinda scary :worried:

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I went to my first meeting on Monday and my second on Wednesday. Honestly, it’s just the most welcoming experience. Everyone is there for the exact same reasons and there’s no judgement at all. I met one of the women I spoke to on Monday for a coffee today and it was so lovely and we had quite a laugh. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. X


I know it can be scary going to your first meeting. But when my life became unmanageable I just had to.
If you’re willing search up above and read some others’ stories. There’s a lot of to read.


Here’s a good recent thread.


I wish I had someone to go with :frowning: I don’t trust myself that I will go I’ve been saying I will and I just end up drinking again it’s so frustrating.

I just want to be better and I feel like if I don’t go my therapist will just give up on me

You do this for you. 100%. And if you want, we can come with you. And be with you at least till the meeting starts. Take your mobile and leave TS open. You won’t be alone.


PLEASE. try at least once. It has been a lifesaver for me. On day 15 now and I CRAVE meetings. These are some pf the most real,honest and loving people you will meet anywhere. They get it and understand and dont judge

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There are on line or zoom meetings. You can lurk on until you get a feel for it. No one has t know your there.
There’s plenty on zoom. intherooms.com and find it very helpful when in person meetings are not available.


Help I need a sponsor/sober new friend. Any takers?


About finding a sponsor


Why do I feel like it’s so hard to just to start there’s so many options I feel overwhelmed ugh :expressionless:

I’ll be your sober friend

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It can be super simple to go to a meeting. There’s a Meeting Guide app that can easily help you find a meeting nearby. Just about any time and place. Ya just pick one and go check it out.

You might like an Open discussion meeting or Women’s meeting to get started.


If you’re feeling up to it, you can call your local AA hotline and they can find someone to go with you. That’s what I do when I’m traveling and it’s really quite fun!


How do I make you a contact?

Going to AA was the scariest thing I have ever done. It was also the best. I give this board and AA full credit for saving my life.

Let folks know that you are new. They will welcome you with open arms. When they tell you to call them - they mean it! I am thrilled when other folks in recovery call me. It reminds me why I made the decision to get sober.

You can do this!


Ok thanks… :smiley:

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I’m in the zoom just scared to start >.<

The meeting started already >.<