Action for Happiness - Active April


Action for Happiness wakes up later than we do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: 6:30am here and they’ve not posted the card yet! But I’ve found the calendar for the month so I will try and post when I get up.



Enjoy moving to your favourite music. Really go for it.

:notes: :musical_note: :guitar: :saxophone: :musical_keyboard: :trumpet: :dancer: :man_dancing: :dancing_women:‍♀ :woman_cartwheeling: :dizzy:

Links to the songs you dance to welcome. This is my jam to start my day!

Edit: spending 10 minutes dancing round the kitchen is a brilliant way to do mornings



On it :dancer:t2::man_dancing:t2:@siand


The morning dance set me up with some pretty good energy levels yesterday. Went leafleting with the local political party I’m a member of and walked the 2.5 miles to the meeting place. It’s a journey I often make by car and it was so nice to be moving and take in things I usually miss. For example these daffodils on the roadside, don’t think I’ve seen ones like this before.



Go exploring around your local area and notice new things


The only music I heard today was an MC Hammer bit, because he’s going on tour after 28 years? I could picture the high waisted pants, the raised “jazz dance” arms, and the lifty knees and sunglasses. Suspenders? I think yes. Fun times, but I’d rather lift weights and ice skate, myself. :grinning:


Okey dokey, tucks notebook and pen into pocket, quickly suppressed the idea of playing Sherlock Holmes for the day and commits herself to the task in hand :face_with_monocle:


Hmmm …I live in an unincorporated area of about 7500 square miles and about 300 people. If I notice anything, it will either be a miracle or big trouble! :joy::sunglasses::thinking:


Edit: I will be noticing plants and animals, not what people are up to…:joy:


Haha doesn’t sound like you have much choice!! :joy:

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What did you guys (@siand and @Bootz) notice yesterday? What is our task for today?

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Oops will look at the calendar now!

Yesterday I noticed so many signs of spring. The leaves and buds starting to appear on the trees and the blossom. On walking a route I often drive I noticed the fields of rapeseed and it smelled gorgeous, really floral. And I saw lots of little lambs! :heart_eyes:

Something else I noticed, which is a sad thing, is the number of addicts in my local city. I volunteer with a soup kitchen and I’m on the outreach team, going out with tea and coffee. It is frustrating that people won’t come in to where we give food because they feel like they need to stay out to get money for their fix. But I hope a cheerful face, a kind word and the reminder that help is there when they are ready for it is better than nothing.



Get outside and plant a tree, some flowers or some seeds.

I am going on a big walk this morning but my garden is in need of attention and I have some wildflower seeds to plant so I will try and do that this afternoon! :blossom:

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I am also walking today. I don’t have a garden though :thinking:. Perhaps I shall re-pot some plants that are overdue it!


Hey! I had to run up to Seattle for a memorial service for a 96 year old friend. Noticed yesterday that my plum tree is in full bloom. I planted a memorial tree today; a mulberry. Should keep my chickens happy.



Get natural light early in the day. Turn off lights in the evening.


Got this one covered! I can no longer sleep in cuz’ they trimmed down the trees behind my building that blocked the morning sun.

It’s kind of nice, actually. Used to wake up by the sun in my old place. :blush:

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Okey dokey :grin:. I always sleep with the blinds up and get out early with my dogs so I have this nailed. Not sure about stumbling about in the dark tonight though @siand :joy:

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Haha yea I turned the lights on about 20:15 because I needed to do the washing up, which included some sharp knives!

@Eke waking up with the sun is awesome. As long as you get to bed at the right time! Listening to the birds in the morning is one of my favourite things. I would like to work on my bird ID actually as I have no idea what’s out there :bird:



Do a body-scan meditation and really notice how your body feels.

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