Action for Happiness - Active April


Hmmm - interesting one! :woman_in_lotus_position:


I didn’t actually do this properly yesterday but I did kind of run through it before I went to bed. I basically just feel achey from my walk on Sunday :joy:

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DAY 10

Join a club or activity that you’ll actually enjoy.

I’m already involved in a few things. I do a belly dance class on Tuesdays (although it was cancelled last night, which my aching bones appreciated) and I’ve got quite a lot of events and workshops coming up at weekends over the summer. I volunteer for the outreach team of a soup kitchen on Saturdays. I haven’t been to yoga class for a while as they changed the time, I’d like to try and get back to that though as I have fallen out of the habit of doing yoga at home and my fitness has suffered for it.

There’s a couple of groups I’d like to join (local allotments and a woodland maintenance group) but before I start anything new I have to pick my MSc up again and finally get that done!

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I love the body scan! I did a clinical trial at our medical school, and it was included. You check in, head to toe, and breathe into all the places. Is there pain? NO! Whoo Hoo, me! :raised_hands::owl::basketball:


Ha Ha Ha…a Club? How about the Clean Plate Club? :joy::wink: That’s my kind of club! Hand weights, and trail running, if we must…:grinning:

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Me neither @siand :joy:. I did the same - did a quick once over before I feel asleep!

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I Love the soup kitchen! The church that does it here is 54 miles, but I can bring heathen vegan soup!

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Holy shit you are involved in a lot of great stuff already! Joining a club is not for me - I am not terribly social as a person though I do volunteer so I can check this off, can I? Or should it be additive - should I be doing something more?


You are amazing already! This is a club, too! :heart_eyes::hugs::kissing_heart:


I’ve stopped cooking for the soup kitchen for now as I was getting super stressed about it. But when I did, I always cooked veggie packed meals. Everyone wants meat and grease but I think they appreciated the vitamins really… :joy:

@Peace12 the important bit is things that you actually enjoy. I’m using things I already do to tick this off because if I add something else on to my plate now I know it will not be good for me. If you really want to add something though then why not join me on the Hiking Club thread :laughing:

And if all else fails there’s always the clean plate club, which is one I can absolutely get behind, even if it doesn’t quite fit with the goals of this thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Oh that’s a brilliant idea! I adore walking and average 5 miles a day with my dogs.


DAY 11

Eat only healthy and natural good, drink lots of water.

I had a complete overload on biscuits at work yesterday so today I commit to no snacking! For breakfast I have porridge with berries, a salad with an egg for lunch, then don’t know for dinner… Maybe some cheese after. Should be at least 8 portions of fruit and veg in total though.

I always drink plenty of tea, but not water. I have been having a glass of water when I wake up. I am going to a meeting this morning and will ask for water instead of tea. And I will have a glass of water with my dinner.

Edit: Got my shit together and did yoga this morning. Am a beacon of health and vitality :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles: :joy:


This one looks great @siand - I’m a healthy eater mostly so I should nail this one. Can herbal tea count as water? :wink:


I basically eat healthy but then biscuits… :joy:


That’s what I call a balanced diet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Bought myself a Fitbit (should arrive today) to celebrate my first 100 days (everything after three days was a first for me :see_no_evil: but 100 feels awesome). It will be useful for my training for the hike challenge. I’m really enjoying this thread @siand - thanks for starting it!


Yes. I am all over this idea. Tomorrow!:grin::hugs::thinking:


Triple digits is definitely worth celebrating! :raised_hands::tada::woman_cartwheeling::dancing_women:‍♀ And a Fitbit seems like a great way to spend some of that sober money.

I tend to walk 2 - 4 miles on work days depending on what time I get home (we have a dog walker come in through the day). Now it’s getting lighter I will try to make it 4 more often. The more the merrier on the hiking club :grin:

My plans to drink water didn’t really go to plan. I forgot I had booked my meeting this morning in my favourite cafe (incredible loose leaf tea selection!). But I did have a glass of water this morning and had a bottle of soda stream water this evening. Plus lots of tea. Food wise, my Mum came round for dinner and bought chocolate chip cookies which I resisted. Did eat rather a lot of cheese though.


I was pretty lousy at the water drinking too @siand - lots of tea - normal and herbal. Ate healthy though. Right - now I’ve got my Fitbit on (which I am not obsessed with at all :wink:) what am I doing today :grin::woman_cartwheeling:?

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DAY 12

Choose to walk or cycle instead of going by car or bus.

I have been doing this as much as possible anyway, will go for a car free day today! Although to be honest I don’t have much planned where I would need to take the car. I will try for a car free weekend!

Had a bit of a lie in this morning @Peace12 but there you go, let us know how many steps you clock up today!


I just ordered some nice tea from Brew Tea, including a tea pot for loose leaf. English Breakfast, Lemon and Ginger and Fruit Punch. Yum!

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