Action for Happiness - Active April


Continuing the discussion from 30 day challenges:

Spring is springing, the days are getting longer and lighter and even a little warmer which is pretty good motivation to get outside and get moving. I follow the Action for Happiness calendars and this month it is Active April. Day 1:

I am going to define my ‘being active’ as something where I’m moving about for 20 minutes or more, and where the moving about is the focus of the activity. E.g. walking around the supermarket while shopping wouldn’t count, but walking to the supermarket would.

I was doing really well for a while last year with the 30 day challenges thread and need to get back into some good habits. Hoping that posting here will help keep me on track. Would love some company if anyone else wants to get involved :blush:

Edit: Kicked the month off with a 35 minute walk after work, 1.7 miles.

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I’ll join you! Today I planted a tree, a Japanese Maple which as today is day one after my first (and better be only) :wink: reset, I am calling my “sobrie-a-tree”. Walked a lot, but didn’t track distance. Bench pressed.


What an awesome idea! Sobrietree :raised_hands: One of my friends got me a plant to mark the day I quit a commitment that was causing me lots of stress and every time I look at it it makes me feel good about what I’ve let go.

Started the day with yoga, I haven’t done any for a month or so and feel like I’m basically back to the drawing board with it. But I know with daily practice I will get more out of it, just gotta stick with it.


I did a 28 day plank challenge in February…damn, I am glad that is over! :blush:


Today I started with light dumbbells, detail work, delts and triceps. Now out to tend to the chickens, lots of walking. Later, a longer walk with a friend who is recovering from cancer treatment.


Been keeping up some exercise, though not as much as I’d like.

Yesterday took a long walk to drop off some papers in person instead of dropping it in office mail. Maybe another quick walk after lunch today.

:+1: :grin:


I shoveled snow yesterday. Does that count?

I walked 1.5 miles today to an appointment instead of driving. Once the weather breaks and I get my bike fixed (again…) I will be riding as many days as possible.


@Sassyrocks what plank challenge did you do i.e. what does day 28 look like? Amazing whatever it is!

@Bootz tending chickens sounds like a fabulous way of being active! And the other bits too course. I know a few people that have rescue ones, I didn’t realise how much personality they have.

@Eke and @Englishd I am trying to walk more in my daily routine. It’s actually really nice to take a bit more time to do things. Not everything has to be a rush. And impressive to walk instead of drive when you’ve still got snow-shovelling weather.

I’ve taken the dog for a walk after work and going to walk to my belly dance class. It’s only about half a mile each way so definitely don’t need to take the car.

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I walk daily anyway but its much lovelier in spring with the blossom!


Day 24 on were challenging!!


Okay, “planking” has been the trendy thing for, like, years now. And I honestly still have no idea WTH it is. :sweat_smile: (googles)

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It’s basically the top of a push up. If you’re not shaking you’re probably not doing it right :joy:

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Different kind of planking! The other planking looks quite a bit harder IMHO.


Missed yesterday’s extra walk. Today rebooted the lunch “workshop” with a couple colleagues (a quick, two mile hike in the hills). :hiking_boot: Super muddy out there, but at least the rain let up!

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Didn’t get up early yesterday, sleep won! But had Lady in the office with me so I got extra walks :grin:


Sleep is so good for you! And your dog, in the office?! I want that! Walked 3.5 miles just working, then lots of dog walks tonight under the stars. It stopped raining. :blush: Did some Harvard bench steps with dumbbells. Ate really well, too, did a carrot, red cabbage, raisin, Curry slaw with vegan mayo. Sourdough bread and almond butter. Looking at a melatonin tab for soon. Happy April, ev’rybody!

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Just seeing this and Day 4 is breaking but I walk five miles a day (I have dogs, I have to!) so I’m hoping I can still join in :joy:. Do we have a new card for each day of Active April @siand?


Yes we do @Peace12 :blush:

Today I only had one option to take the stairs instead of the lift, and I did. Have not had a very active day overall. Worked from home this afternoon and took a nap after. Having this thread going gave me the motivation to go for a short walk though and @Bootz seeing your healthy choices I swapped a takeaway burger for shop bought/home assembled version with lots of veg with it, still getting chip shop chips so doesn’t really make it healthy… But healthier maybe?!


Wow awesome thread! Im on day three of this excercise app i have on my phone. Also plan on starting to run again. Keep it up everybody!


Yay! Ok @siand, Day 5 is breaking, what are we doing today :grin::weight_lifting_man:‍♂:women_wrestling::basketball_man:t2:‍♀:golfing_woman::surfing_woman::woman_playing_water_polo:t2::biking_woman::man_juggling: