Action for Happiness - Active April


I will!! :grin:. I can also tell you in kilometres and should you wish a breakdown of my sleep last night, I can oblige :rofl:!

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Yum… I think I’ll check it out! Great tip!

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If you are ever heading through Liverpool or Manchester there is a cafe (one in each place!) Called Leaf which does the most fabulous selection of loose leaf tea. That’s where my meeting was.

Once I’ve made a bit more of a dent in the Brew Tea I’ve got, I’m going to try a tea subscription box. Looking at Suki Tea at the moment but need to investigate and see what other options are available.


So yesterday I did use my car. I forgot I had a food order to go and collect which had about 50 tins in (a few people chip in for bulk orders from a wholesaler). I was trying to work out if it could all fit in a suitcase and whether I would be able to get I back up the hill… Anyway it all got a bit stressful so I decided to just drive. Turns out not all of the order turned up so I would have been able to walk it… But I still did over 19,000 steps yesterday so it wasn’t a lazy day!

I will also have to drive tomorrow as I have a belly dance workshop which I am taking someone else too. And it’s about 22 miles away which I’m not quite ready for yet. But got one today in the next village along which I will walk to.


DAY 13

Turn your housework or chores into a good form of exercise.

Well my house is a mess so I should be able to manage this :joy:


A belly dance group? How exciting. How did it go? Well done on your 19k steps, I did a little over 20k so we both can tick off yesterday’s target :heavy_check_mark::star_struck:.

I do have housework to do but turning it into a form of exercise, :thinking: yes, I can see how that will work though it reminds me of being a kid and being made to do something I didn’t want to, and my Mum saying, it will be fun, we can make it fun, when really it was still the thing I didn’t want to do!!! :joy::rofl:


Yea I have been doing belly dancing for about 6 years, it’s awesome. We have weekly classes, I help teach sometimes, and then I go to workshops and there are also events called haflas where groups all get together for a dance party :dancing_women:‍♀

I also hate housework. Which is why my house is messy :laughing: I will put some music on and do half an hour this morning after breakfast.

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Ohhhh… House Work? The terriers feel so guilty if I’m having to do that! We’d rather have a reading day off! We all walk fantabulous distances, though! :hugs::dog2::paw_prints:

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I did no housework yesterday… But over 19k steps again yesterday so still being active. Would much rather be getting outside in the sunshine :sun_with_face:

Will have to do a bit of housework today though as my partner is off work for the next couple of weeks and I don’t want him to end up doing it all. Well I kind of do want him too :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but feel like that wouldn’t be fair so I should probably do some.

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DAY 14 two weeks!

Have a day free from TV or screens and get moving instead.

Well I have already failed at this one. I will give myself some time to browse TS this morning with a cup of tea and will check in again later. And try and resist looking at it in between :grin: I do use my phone far too much.

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I did ALL my housework - and racked up 12 miles and 27,000 steps but unfortunately didn’t get a whole of work done. Loving this Active April thread. Thanks for starting this. It’s doing wonders for my balance in life (I’m an actual workaholic and struggle with this). We’ll need a Mayhem May or something :joy:.

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Ah, me too then. I’ll join in you in committing to less screen time - thanks for the compromise :wink:

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Yeah, the dogs must be wracked with guilt watching you clean @Bootz, mine are the same :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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OH! I love this one! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::smile:! I can leave everything off! Happy Palm Sunday, Everyone! I will still walk a ton, though. :blush:


Terriers! They have to stay in their boxes, or they attack the vacuum cleaner! Tired afterwards, see post photos of pets for details…:smiley:


What’s a Terrier. I thought you meant the dog breed?!?


Yes, terriers are the group of breeds. Dogs meant to “go to ground” (the TERRain) and catch and kill vermin. Mine are Border Terriers, from the lakes region of Scotland/England, with their hundredth anniversary of UK breed recognition there next year. Terrs are upbeat, very hardcore and somewhat stubborn. After my own heart… :heart::heart:


I have bull breeds - loyal, loving and lazy :blush:

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Ahhhhh…the luxury of those three L’s. I had Labs; it was always so easy. Now, on leash, all the time. Sneak under any fence, and there are cougars here…


I have a border collie - she is 9 now and slowing down a bit but she can still hold her own on a 10 mile walk (and the rest, ha). She would play fetch all day if anyone would keep it up with her.

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