Alcohol withdrawal seizure

Hi sobers
Has anyone got seizure during the first week soberity ?
I dont have any history of seizure normally …
I am on day 3 now ( without med ) . Second attempt. First time i got seizure at day 5 and remained abstinence for 10 days before is slipped back again

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If you’ve had a seizure previously when quitting, I would see that as a red flag and would be going to see your GP asap. Ideally you’d want to be having some sort of medical supervision during detox. If this isn’t possible, do you live with someone or have someone who can stay with you for the remainder of the first week?


I have a seizure disorder and didn’t have one for 20 years until I got sober, 10 days alcohol free I had seizures.

I would follow up with a GP and a neurologist, it’s common to have seizures in early detox, but it lowers your threshold my neurologist told me before I had my last seizure I was less than 1% likely to have another, I was also not taking medications for seizures during that 20 year span.

Even though the seizures are most likely DT related, I would still follow through with a physician to ensure it’s the end of them. Plus they may prescribe medications to help with all the symptoms your experiencing


Google delirium tremens.
It’s no joke. People die of alcohol withdrawal.
Strongly recommend a medically supervised detox, if you ever start drinking again.
Let’s hope not.

Goof for you to stop drinking.


Alcohol withdrawal seizures…

Please go seek medical advice and don’t stop drinking reduce intake slowly…

Don’t just stop… It is highly dangerous…


In your case getting medically supervised detox would be the best thing for you. Paradoxically, you could die getting sober otherwise.

Awesome work on getting here, I hope to hear from you again soon.


Thanks everyone for care
Actually i am a pharmacist , i had no peoblem access to drugs , i started with tramafol for 6 years , then i quit it using alcohol , which is not more than a substitute rather than breaking down substance abuse .
I live in a country where alcoholic beverages of all kinds are strictly prohibited, i used medical spirit (70% pure ethanol ) approximately 500 ml all over the day at max .
I got fed up of addiction , it dramatically destroyed my life , i got sick of it and decided to quit anything and live a normal life , even panadol for occasional headache, i got a vacation for a week because i knew it wont be easy
I had detox at home , without any meds .
First 48 hours was the worst , no sleep , hallucinations, no appetite, sweating, confusion, mood disturbance, tremors (bearly could hold a glass of water without spitting it around ) . Then things started to get easier, on day 5 i got seizure ( tonic clonic type ) and was due to sudden hearing of loud sound near me ( audiogenic seizure ) but thankfully it happened infront of a police office . Despite that , i kept abstinence for another 5 days ( total 10 days )
Then i gave up for a week and i began soberity again and now i amat day 3 , but with using librium (chlordiazepoxide 5 mg ) , its much much easier with librium
Almost normal sleeping , no tremors , no seeating . Occasionally get crave to drink and librium can control seizure could happen due to withdrawal
I strongly recommend it during detox period .wish me luck
Thanks again

Hello, @Boozy and welcome to Talking Sober! I’m curious to know if there are alcohol or addiction recovery services available in a country that bans alcohol. Do you have AA, maybe for foreigners or at a foreign compound? Do you have addiction or alcoholism counseling services? Any supports at all for encouraging the development of a sober mindset and way of life? Maybe even a fellow professional to help monitor your detoxification?

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your sobriety, my friend. Go well.


Thanx for wishes
I live in sudan . Eastern of africa
Yes there are few detox centers , but mostly for weed and opioid ( mostly they were living abroad where they learned the habit ) and rarely alcoholic get admitted because its not widely available. Alcohol here is made locally at home by distilling dates and sugar and doesn’t have much ethanol contents on it , so most people quit themself and unlikely need a medical help and in most severe cases they visit their GP.
I am doing fine by now , a little cloudy mind and confusion , with emotional feelings of regret and shame , plus missing my old socializing life and meeting people.
My regards


You might have seen these threads already, I believe the ideas in them can be directly applied to your situation or adapted to it.


I had similar when I was getting clean from hard drugs. I had to stay in a facility for monitoring while detoxing. It’s actually a common thing even for alcohol, your system is going into shock.


You’re right . Seizure itself is not harmful , but the place where you fall if has sharp objects or high alttitude or while driving … etc
Thanx for advice

That’s actually interesting I didn’t know a country had a prohibition on alcohol,

While I understand your position as a pharmacist, I would still recommend following up with a practitioner who may assist with your treatment.

Usually acute withdrawal symptoms are treated with benzodiazepines, but I can’t speak for your specific situation as different treatment modalities may apply,

Alcohol PAWS is a deadly withdrawal, others opiates, amphetamine etc. make you want to wish you would die, but are not lethal on their own.


U need to speak to a doc. Ive heard that days 3 to 5 are the worse. From a friends experience i know u get pills to sleep etc. After a while its all fine.


Many countries in Middle East prohibit sales , hold or even delivery of alcoholic beverages, you can send to jail if you do so or found to be a drunk, but make it locally witg simple techniques .
I am on day 9 now , stopped benzo from day 6 ( because itself is addictive and interface badly with your daily work )
Sleep normal , much better than lask week , no vivid dreams or hallucinations , more refreshed in the morning
No tremors or sweating , no seizure (due to benzo )
Thanx @Fury and hope you’re doing well too

Yes i did so , till day 5 its really hard to get theough without medications , with them you can kick anxiety, insomnia, shakes and sweat .
Thanks for your advice

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I just released and got out of the hospital 5 days ago. I quit cold turkey and was at risk for a cardiovascular collapse I had alcohol induced Delerium dont stop cold turkey i did and it almost killed me. Im only 24 years old.

A friend of mine had a heart attack at only 28 years old, consequences of alcohol consumption are no joke

I would definitely get in contact with a physician who can help you with quitting alcohol. If you had a seizure, you may want to try tapering with alcohol, the physician will develop a treatment plan for you as well, and will help prevent seizures with a temporary medication

You can always take supplements like GABA (an amino acid), and CBD (cannabidiol) to help prevent seizures, but this does not guarantee you will not get seizures, although CBD is quite effective at preventing them, it is not a guarantee.

I would seek some kind of treatment since there are medications that should help with this.