Any aussies in the house?

Congrats with the new venture, that’s exciting news! Bugger about your licence tho… yep I’m in Qld, doing pretty well - the school holidays have been tough though so I’m counting down to Monday. I feel like Georges dad in Seinfeld screaming “serenity now!!” Great to see you pop in and say hello.

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How is everyone doing? :heart:

Hi all. So please to be sober on the Gold Coast.

Had some challenges.
Don’t want to or have to drink today.

Got offered alcohol the other morning and just said " no thanks, haven’t had one for 4 1/2 months and I’m going to an aa meeting at 5 o’clock."

I so do not want to turn up at a meeting and say I’ve re set the timer again. I’m really thankful to be alive .

Feel free to message me if anyone here wants to add me their " pick up the phone instead of picking up a drink" list or just chat about life. Just let me know your from this forum.

Hope we find Shalom today. Fleeing temptation and forgive ourselves and others. Facing reality sober and serene.


It’s so cold…:cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


It can only get better

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Hi All.

Closing in on 10months sober. Not long home from steps meeting.

New guy at meeting tonight. Suggested he have at sober time if he finds it hard and gets caught in his own head.

Hope wet weather and lack of sunshine isnt wearing to thin on anybody’s mind. Its hitting my bank balance a bit bit nothing like those around Forbes and Condo. I’m thankful for my lot.

Stay sober. Keep growing.