Any aussies in the house?

Did you catch a fish?

Absolutely, if you have your own transport Perth is easy enough to drive around. I would look further out from Scarborough as it’s a tourist trap :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We ended up out on the Harley. I left the choice up to my son. Win win lol

I’ve opted to stay with an old school mate that moved over there. But he may not be there due to work. So just going to wing it
I’ll be on my bike with swag.

Sunshine Coast here!


Bike with a swag sounds perfect to me :relieved:
The weather shouldn’t be an issue in April either :ok_hand:


Hey all, I started this thread under my old account “BPD”.

Glad to see it’s taking off very slowly.

I was wondering if there’s anyone in Melbourne who would be interested in doing a regular activities with the cause being promoting positive mental health, supporting each other, making friends and maintaining sobriety, whatever that means for you.

Friend and myself were thinking about starting something up. Activities could be anything; bike ride, indoor rock climb, indoor sports, bus trips, fishing, bowling, hiking.
We don’t judge or descriminate, anyone can come along. Family friendly type of thing.

Lonely? Bored? Tempted?

We can help each other doing things that we probably already enjoy, but don’t do because we’re stuck in a rut, still using, or don’t want to try new things alone (which is fair, who does!?)

Would anyone be interested in something like this? Or even putting there hand up to help organise it.

We have a few great ideas already that would make us really happy if some other people could benefit from, and then pass on the good vibes.

Email me at

Hope to hear from all you Melbournians.

Thanks :people_hugging:

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Or just reply to this :slight_smile:

Sadly I’m waaayyyyy over the other side but what a great idea, I remember your old account :nerd_face:

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Happy Australia Day everyone

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Bump bump bump. Thanks