Any Avid Readers Here? What are you currently reading?

Okay…so Broken People…I just finished it. Wow. It hit a lot of notes for me…the inner turmoil, body issues, self hatred, sobriety, self love, relationship messes. The last section had so many beautiful meaningful parts…struck me deeply. He summed up his journey in the same way I summed up my long slog to sobriety…all of it was necessary to get where I am now.

Definitely would not be for everyone, but for me, I am grateful it called to me. I need to reread a few passages. Recommend!


Downloaded audio book read by author. First time trying being read to,it was free too. Still in Vanessa,got distracted doing other stuff last couple of days need to get on it so many books so little time. Have the image of Burgess Meredith in my head from a Twilight Zone episode with books everywhere but he broke his specs.

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Just finished Fairy Tale SK. How many times does he mention TCM movie channel? He must have shares in it. I counted at least 10. I did enjoy this book. Its 40 books rolled into one.``

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