Are you affected by a loved one who’s an addict?

Whelp this happened today.
I cannot believe it’s been a full year to the day that I’ve been going to Al-Anon meetings. 1 or 2 a week, sometimes 4.

I told my Twinnie over a year ago that I’d go back to Al-Anon if my life became unmanageable because of someone else’s drinking. I’ve always tried to be a man of my word. Thanks for driving me there @Its_me_Stella I seriously don’t know if I would have gone if I hadn’t told you that. You’ve been a big help.
Thank you.

After a year in Al-Anon I’ve gotten better. I’m not sure how. Maybe I’ve changed just a bit. Or look at things differently. Of course she’s still drinking. I have not seen any change on her end. That’s not why I go to Al-Anon. I go to Al-Anon to learn tools and listen to stories of strength and hope. And sometimes just to be with people that understand where I’m at. And sometimes just to get away from her drinking.

I’ve never been sorry I went to a meeting. I’ve always gotten a pearl or a golden nugget from someone that knows what I’m going through. I’m not exactly sure how it works. But I keep going back. I’m the only person I can work on. I’m the only person I can change. Or have any right to change. I still got a long way to go. My life has been affected by alcoholics ever since I can remember. Some of that alcoholic was me. Staying sober and feeling my feelings and being ok with them has been hard work. But I’m doing it.

Anyway…… I got to go to a meeting.
Thanks to all the people who use this thread and especially my supporters on here. Too many to list. I love you guys. Thank you for being by my side.


:smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: Happy for you, Eric! Congratulations on the one year!!!


Woo hoo! Congrats Eric!
That twinnie of yours is pretty remarkable. She has made a huge positive impact on my recovery too. I think we should keep her around. :blush:


You inspire me in so many ways. You are one of the people I can look to when life feels too big and I need a beacon of hope that I can make it through. You are one of the people who are proof to me that when you work a strong program of recovery life (inside us) gets better. And you know, youre one of the people I look to when I need to be shown there is such a thing as unconditional love, that there are people in this world who will love a person through everything. Thank you for being a man of your word and facing your fears so that you could find your safe haven. I am so fucking proud of you and I love you. :sparkles: :blue_heart: :sparkles:


And you @Lisa07
And you @Alisa


Huge congratulations Eric :grinning:


Got my first online Al-Anon meeting in tonight. I hate Zoom. Or whatever it was online. I’ve had the Al-Anon app on my phone and iPad for awhile now. I’ve never really used it much except to look up in person meetings. Tonight I didn’t know I was going to need a meeting and was able to get one.

It wasn’t bad. I jumped on a little late. I liked the very welcoming moderator. I Just have to figure out the ins and outs of electronic meetings and find a place in the house to do it in. They had fellowship time at the end for 15 minutes just to chat. So that was kind of cool.

I feel like I’m starting to get addicted to Al-anon :grimacing: I guess there’s worse things. Just getting on there I felt a calmness and peace start to take over.
Serenity fucking now. :hugs:

There’s so many meetings at all different times. I’m sure I’ll be able to get the hang of it and find some ones I want to be a part of on a regular basis when I need a meeting.



Glad you found a meeting when you needed it. What about in the garage in the car w the garage door open?
I just remembered it’s going to be getting super hot. So that might not work.


I found a bedroom. Of course when I closed the door B comes out of nowhere and wants in meow :smile_cat:

It’s actually too cold out up here to be comfortable outside. I have plenty of bedrooms. Just feels weird being in a meeting in a spare bedroom. :joy:. But it’s ok. Who cares.


Might be lots of scratch scratch, meow meows and woof woofs … but … who cares? Hugs

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Please don’t hate zoom. Zoom doesn’t hate you :smile::wink:

Glad that you found those meetings! Always in your pocket! Join the TS zoom We would love to have you.


Yeah I also love virtual meetings for the availability, if nothing else. I have actually heard some very powerful shares in online meetings, I might even say more than in person. It could be that the person sharing feels safer behind their screen to be vulnerable, who knows.

I am glad you are remaining open-minded and feeling the benefits in your recovery.

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Thanks Pal :kissing_heart:
I agree. Just like we do here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Just when you think you got all the tools. You find more.