Back Again! Day 1!

I really need to do this. Its always the next morning after drinking when i feel so down and know in my own heart and soul that i mentally and physically need to stop drinking! I hope I’m successful this is second time in 2 month’s! Hope you all are doing well!


I’m sorry about that, but glad you are here to be better :facepunch: Determination is key.

What are you going to do differently this time?
I had my share of relapses. When I had one I tried to reflect on the why and what I could do to avoid a new one. In that case that relapse wasn’t all for nothing and could give me some growth.
I made myself a sober plan, I will share it with you. Maybe you find something that can be useful for you too:

Hope to see you around often, it helps to be here much!

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Thanks so much. Im hungover this morning and dont want this feeling anymore. Ive ruined so many relationships throughout the years and i just cant drink anymore! Ill read your post. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


Your welcome :smiling_face:
If you feel very bad it can be the perfect time to write down how shitty feel on a piece of paper :hugs:
Also write down why you wanna be sober.
Next time when you have an urge you can read why you do not want to pick up. Our minds always starts to trick us when we feel better after a while. We romantisize our drinking and forget the why’s.
Rereading them can help.


Yes, a few weeks and the mind goes walkies! I need to do it for me and me only! This app does help. Today is do-able! 1 at a time. :slight_smile:


Maybe try a meeting might help wish you well


I remember well. Easy to be sure of quitting when you feel like death. But as soon as you start feeling better, the excuses, the fantasy, comes back.
Having a physical list of your reasons can get a good way to keep your motivation. There was a thread recently to give you ideas about what to put on there.
Sobriety VS Addiction