Bad Advice

Some people need advice. I’m here to give it. I won’t even charge you a penny for my thoughts. I’ll give you fair warning though, my advice will be very terrible.

Advice Booth Open


A troll got stuck in my basement (don’t ask) and he’s not cooperative. How do I get him out?


What should I make for dinner?
Turkey burgers and fries, or
Turkey burgers, tiny roast potatoes, peas and gravy, or
Butter chicken and jasmine rice.



Your advice advising your offered advice was terrible advice was terrible advice.

You win this round


Uhmnn, not to be needy, but, what’s a realistic timeframe for your response? I need to manage my expectations :thinking::grimacing:

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If you can’t wait for bad advice you will get worse advice:

Just make storebought ice cream.


What should I ask the genie for, as my one wish?


Should I try quit smoking cigarettes again or wait till covid will go away? :laughing:

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@discobot how terrible is the advice being offered?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Oh you’re here! What should I say to the drunk guy trying to pick a fight with me?

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: Whatever happens, take responsibility. — Tony Robbins

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That’s wonderful advice. I may very well follow it :+1::pray::heart:

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Fireball, Duh.


The Allegory of the Cave’ by Plato

In the Allegory of the Cave, Plato distinguishes between people who mistake sensory knowledge for the truth and people who really do see the truth. It goes like this:

The Cave

  • Imagine a cave, in which there are three prisoners. The prisoners are tied to some rocks, their arms and legs are bound and their head is tied so that they cannot look at anything but the stonewall in front of them.
  • These prisoners have been here since birth and have never seen outside of the cave.
  • Behind the prisoners is a fire, and between them is a raised walkway.
  • People outside the cave walk along this walkway carrying things on their head including; animals, plants, wood and stone.

The Shadows

  • So, imagine that you are one of the prisoners. You cannot look at anything behind or to the side of you – you must look at the wall in front of you.
  • When people walk along the walkway, you can see shadows of the objects they are carrying cast on to the wall.
  • If you had never seen the real objects ever before, you would believe that the shadows of objects were ‘real.

The Game

  • Plato suggests that the prisoners would begin a ‘game’ of guessing which shadow would appear next.
  • If one of the prisoners were to correctly guess, the others would praise him as clever and say that he were a master of nature.

The Escape

  • One of the prisoners then escapes from their bindings and leaves the cave.
  • He is shocked at the world he discovers outside the cave and does not believe it can be real.
  • As he becomes used to his new surroundings, he realizes that his former view of reality was wrong.
  • He begins to understand his new world, and sees that the Sun is the source of life and goes on an intellectual journey where he discovers beauty and meaning
  • He see’s that his former life, and the guessing game they played is useless.

The Return

  • The prisoner returns to the cave, to inform the other prisoners of his findings.
  • They do not believe him and threaten to kill him if he tries to set them free.

My question, why do I relate to the shadow?

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Turkey Burgers with fries. I’ve heard that if you let it warm up in the sun first, it ages the meat and brings out the flavor. You should try this.


Lol. I check in a couple times daily.

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COVID might never go away, better start purchasing cheaper cigs, with less filtration! Get a bang for your buck.

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My advice is: In order to gain some perspective on this you must have someone chain you to a rock for a few months and stare at shadows. Then you’ll be enlightened.