Beginning my sober journey today

Hey guys, I just found this app after deciding to quit cold turkey today. I drink in pursuit of some happiness but alcohol is simply not bringing any happiness. It brings the exact opposite. So to deal with my anxiety and depression, I need to stop drinking and I started a few hours ago. I’ve never done this with an app keeping count of the days. Maybe this will help. I dumped half a bottle of vodka down the drain earlier today and decided to begin. I’m going to the gym and I hope to be done with alcohol this year. This is gonna be hard and scary, but it needs to be done. I’m happy to have found this app and community.


You’ve found a great place Dave. I wish you well in your journey of sobriety.
Read as much as you can here as there are truly amazing things being shared that help immensely.



Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

Great to have you join us :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey I’m just starting again after one of many relapses so I’m with you! I just dumped the rest of the last bottle I had recently as well. I may have relapsed many times but I always find my way back here and it ALWAYS helps. Glad you found your way here as well. I’m hoping this is truly my year to kick it for good too! Getting in shape is a big motivation for too :muscle:t2:


Welcome to the forum! Glas u found us :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome here!
This app and the people in it where a big help in my recovery. I would like to reccoment this thread What's YOUR plan? to read. It contains many information about quiting and the stages of recovery.
First year of mine I checked in every day at the daily check in thread but as a fitness guy maybe this thread is a interesting one to check out: Gym selfies, weightlifting & fitness 🔥 (TW gym attire. Keep rules #6 and #7 in mind). The daily incheck thread you find here: Checking in daily to maintain focus #64 Connection is key in recovery, so take your time to do so here. We are all here for you to help if needed.
Congratulations with your day one to start with! :confetti_ball:


Welcome to the family :heartpulse:


Welcome Dave. This community has been a big piece in my recovery for the last 2 years. There’s a lot of people and a lot of threads to discover. Take a look around and whether you struggle or not feel free to share when you’re ready and ask for advice if you feel the need. Do you have a program,12-step or something else that offers peer support? That’s been another piece of putting the puzzle together for me. Glad you’re here.