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Day 64 AF

**I wasn’t made to hustle and grind. I was born to dilly and dally



Checking in 178 SAF and 164 no smokes. Rain, rain, and more rain today, so it’s an inside project day. I’ve been painting shutters and doors outside the last two days. Today I think I’ll try and get the basement organized, maybe cook a little bit later. Have a great day guys :v::green_heart:
@Amy30 The Wellbutrin made me pretty nauseous too. If I remember right, it was only the first week or so though.


50 days today!!!




Congratulations on 50 days!


@Mindofsobermike so glad it’s not COVID! Glad you’re able to work with some meds but I hope you feel better ASAP.
@Girlinterrupted I just adore seeing you pop in on this thread again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So glad you’ve been back and I have been meaning to say it! Muah! :kiss:


Checking in on a sunny Saturday morning. Day 242.


Day 26

Visiting my pregnant daughter and the whole family is together. :heart_eyes:Today is her baby shower. Sadly, the weather is bad. Went to dinner last night and did not have any urges to drink. I hope everyone has a great Saturday. Time change here in the States tonight. Peace.


Day 72.

Been a rough few days for me, but I made it thru and used my strength and resources in sobriety. Family issues, old feelings, new feelings, sad feelings… All feelings are mostly temporary if you lean into them hard and feel the feels, rather than escaping them. Good test and good lesson for me to form part of my sober blueprint.

Been to my yoga/Pilates/tai chi class and preparing for the burn! :heart_on_fire:

Happy 24 all.
Peace :dove:


@Jimz Don’t worry about my cat, no visible damage. I was checking him after it happened while he was super bath mode bc of it! I light a candle every single night to wind down with minimal lighting. It’s 20 inches from my face on the table so it’s always in my line of vision. Even tho I don’t want the cats on tables, he doesn’t care about that rule. I’m sure he didn’t learn his lesson :joy_cat:


2642 days. I’m finally caught up on the Checking In thread! (Only because it’s 4 hours old, lol!). Not much planned for this weekend. I have consulting I need to do, plus drive the kids around places. And I hope to get in some good walks. Have a nice sober Saturday!


Day 97
It was nice Saturday :smiling_face:
The weather was sunny, got for a walk with mom around neighborhood lake

9 pm its time for the relaxing tea :coffee: :smiling_face:


Day 752. Mentally beating myself up about a missed obligation but sunshine and forward motion will help. Drinking won’t.


Checking in day 68 AF :blush:


Checking in day 69 :black_heart:

It’s been a very lazy day today and I’m all about it… just need to man up and do my ab challenge before the day ends

Love yall I hope everyone had a great day


Thank you everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I really appreciate it :heart:


@JazzyS thank you :blush: 🩵 glad you were able to do something to help yourself mentally, but also don’t rush the healing process. I’m sorry your pain is so intense :people_hugging:
@acromouse Aww thanks Aga :blush: 🩵
@MrsOdh congrats on double digits :tada: belated happy birthday :birthday: :balloon: :gift: :partying_face:
@AyBee cool number :star_struck:
@FinallyTime congrats on 50 days :tada:

1307 days no alcohol.
772 days no cocaine.
287 days no vape.
32 days no binge-eating.

Attended the Survivors support group. This time, in part to do with my mental state I’m sure, I found lots of bad meemories being triggered, and a lot of it was mentally and emotionally hard to hear. I felt vulnerable, but persevered til the end.

Went to the shops to get a card for my step-mum for Mother’s Day tomorrow. Got her some chocolates to go with the candle I’ve got her too.

Meeting my brother to visit my Mum’s grave tomorrow afternoon then heading to my dad’s for a few hours.

I should get home a decent time as my brother and his fam are at his wife’s parent’s for dinner, so I’ll leave my dad’s when they leave.

I need to have a bath/shower in the morning.

I hope you’re all having wonderful sober weekends. :blush:



Saturday afternoon, Day 8. It’s a totally different kind of weekend, much better. I have a lot to sort out, but now I can actually do it. I was caught in a cycle, trapped. It was going to kill me. I’m out of that hell and my life is opening up. So happy to be here with all of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohh happy birthday Sophia. Hope it was an amazing day for you! :heart: