Being sober is not amazing


Thank you so much! Almost halfway through day 60, now! :muscle:


9 days without a drink doing great i can vaguely remember my first nine days i was shaking and my head was all over the place i was going to AA meetings and after a while my racing mind stopped and i got a sponsor and never looked back if a old scotsman like me can do it anyone can everyone have agood day


My 9th day was horrible. It feels like it was yesterday which it was as I’m on day 10.

I ignored everyone and only managed to type into this forum yesterday. Melancholy was the tip of the iceberg regarding my emotions

Today though is as they say another day. I’m alot happier and even managed to reply to a text message.

I guess what I’m eluding to is what others who are way more experienced are saying here. Forward is forward no matter how small that is. Don’t give up things do get easier even if by just a little bit.


I wouldn’t call my up days a sober high. I am working hard to be happy with what hand i have been dealt. When i go a day without drinking i literally give myself a tap on the back and say well done girl. I am on day 11 now an taking one day at a time. What we also have to remember is even non addicts have their good and bad days because that’s life an we will have similar days as well so i accept there will be bad days but they will be dealt with and overcome. I have had the shittest life but i choose not to dwell on my past. I’ve spent far too much time doing that when i was drunk. I choose to look forward an leave the past behind, with being sober now it makes all that possible to achieve. I am proud of myself for not drinking anymore.


Forward is the best direction to go. Living involves moving forward!


Thanks so much Chandler, tomorrow I’m attending my first meeting. Weirdly i’m kind of nervous but I do want to quit for real this time, most of all I want to believe in myself again. Hope you’re doing great.


Dude, good response. More or less describes me. I’m in day 103. Keep up the good work.


103 is awesome! Keep living Life!


Loving that typo…

“Otters stories” at AA meetings.

Those otters. Always boasting about the fish they ate and how good they are at swimming.

And they never help with the washing up after meetings. :slight_smile:


Lmao… I wrote other Polish instead of other people in a reply to someone else yesterday too!! New phone!! Or was it those pesky otters again??? Who knows? :joy: :joy:


I don’t know if I ever felt a “sober high” but it was nice to get to a point where my next drink wasn’t tje only thing I thought about or looked forward to. I just fell off the wagon after 133 days, and in that time the only thing I looked forward to was my next cig. I don’t recommend trading one vice for another. …I concur…It is not always amazing.


Well said!


Day 9 is still something to be proud of. You can’t use lack of support as an excuse. Are you attending any type of meetings? Do you have a sponser? Those people will be your support and this group seems like a support. You are emotional because you are starting to feel things again, emotions that you were numb to and put aside by drinking. Ypur happiness will be soon to follow. There is nothing to gain from picking up again except your old ways and that dark rabbit hole. Stay positive and focused.


Your almost there… and I love to see this.

My experience, strength and hope comes from attending for that exact reason… FEAR!

At around day 11, I noticed them asking for volunteers to go conduct Thursday night meetings at the rehab hospital.

What better way to cling to fear, than to see that level of pain. So I immediately want to get involved with that.

The AA member warned me, that it sometimes is not a good idea for a newcomer to go. People there can be nonresponsive, and it can feel like a waste of time. But we do what we do, we go, we carry the message, and we HOPE to reach somebody.

I did not care about any of that. I needed that reminder of the ugliness.

After my 3 time about day 35… Alan walks into our Friday night meeting, and announced that he was not impressed with any AA group’s during his rehab time, and had pretty much decided it was a waste.

But Michael, Dominique and Chris showed up last night and he felt like maybe he should at least check it out.

It was at that moment … my pain, fear and worry, my obsession was removed.

I don’t attend AA anymore to keep myself sober. I attend AA because me staying involved could possibly pass along this great gift that I received.

I want the hand of AA always available to the one still suffering… for that I am responsible.


You are in day 9. Very early. I’m in day 20 and I still have cravings but I feel so much better. Just stick with it !


for me it took time I have just over 9 months and I have good and bad days but most are good. I had never had more than a couple months clean in over 20 years of drug abuse. I am so much happier than ever before because I have integrity now and I can look myself in mirror and not see a piece of shit anymore. I pray everyday and ask God for peace in my heart that’s all I ever truly wanted. best of luck on your journey I believe in you. also my addiction was meth and heroin if I can do it I know you can do it and have happiness and peace in your heart


I just had this conversation with my sponsor yesterday. I said "I don’t know where I got the idea that life was supposed to feel good all the time. That’s why I got high, because I knew that at least once a day I was going to feel good even if it was just for a few minutes and even if shit was going to be even worse when I came down. But it seems ‘normal’ people live their lives knowing instinctively that there’s going to be days that don’t feel good and they are ok with that and they push through them. But my sobriety came with the harsh reality that life’s going to kick my ass some days and I can’t just run off and use so I can feel ‘better’. I have to just deal with it. Damn that sucks. " Lol some days all I can think is this shit sucks. But when I finally get to a point where I can look back and be proud of myself , that’s the day I’m working towards.


I am in AA and your comment reminded me of one the promises. I will never forget this young guy in a meeting one day said how he didn’t get how so many were so happy and amazed with the program. An old timer spoke up and said…You’re not halfway through. I laughed. Some of you in the program will get the joke…lol. Not sure if you are in a program but, no matter your path…I pray you have a wonderful journey. Best wishes.


I feel you. I’m on day 6 and questioning how to have fun again without alcohol. That in itself is a scary thought, that I don’t know how to just enjoy life and have fun without alcohol?? It’s one of the reasons why I’m here because that’s not normal. Yes I’m craving and I feel bored and anxious but knowing I’m not going to do anything stupid tonight because I’m drunk is a really good feeling. I think we have to think of it as ‘re-wiring’ our brain. Our brain has been accustomed to recognizing fun as alcohol and now we have to give our brain time to recognize how to have fun without the alcohol.


Haha :smile: