Best part of being Dad



Okay, I’ve been gone a lot lately and haven’t been super active. Family reunions, new baby, Bennett’s birthday, etc. It’s been crazy up in here! So, I have a grip of photos to post showing g the whole fun time we had!
Family Pictures

The Grimmer 5!


Truman & Elliott


Sometimes requires bribing.

Last day of the reunion. Collin and Jack relaxing in bed.


Where’s the pics of the TV?!

You have such a lovely fam man, big ups for being the guy they look up to and after.


Haha! Yeah, I just want to forget that happened altogether. Even though we will be watching a season finale on our broken TV tonight… :roll_eyes:


Part 2 of the fun. Let’s start off with a pic of my beautiful wife and Jack. Rachel had an old neighbor friend get married 2 Fridays ago and she went to the wedding with her 2 week old. #aintnothang

Photo Booth with Rachel and Jack

How about a not-so-proud parent moment. The things you cant see from the captain seat…

I have a bunch of pictures of food from the past week. Theres one bonus of being LDS, when you have a baby, theres immediately half a dozen or more people who rush to your aid. We had 4 people sign up to bring us meals this week. So thoughtful and awesome of them! I’ll likely share those photos on the foodie thread, because the food was so good.

I’m sure that Parks Depts in other cities do this as well, but in Washington during the summers there are free lunches in the park for kids. It’s an awesome program that we totally capitalize on.


Okay, last one for today. Part 3. Bennett’s 3rd birthday. Bennett is such a funny kid, and is so sweet. We love him to death. He’s potty training right now and it sucks. He goes outside to poop in his underwear literally every day. Which means he has to get bathed and we have to do laundry every day. (No, we dont bathe our kids daily. It’s too much f’ing work! 3x/week or so.) Anyway, Bennett’s birthday. Literally the day after Truman broke our 4th frickin TV. We struggled to make sure the day was fun for Bennett in spite of devil child Truman…
Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! Hurray!

We debated about taking them to Get Air, a trampoline park. I mean, we were so pissed at Truman still and didn’t want him to feel like he could just destroy our house and then go and party the next day. Ultimately we concluded that it’s more important that we show Truman that we love him than it is to show him how good we are a disciplining him. He really turned around and was giving us hugs and saying stuff like, “This is the best day, eva!” Here’s some trampoline park photos.

Foam pits and ladders. Classic Seahawks colors.

Hurricane Simulator. Overpriced, short timed, gimmicky machine, that we did not pay for.

Trampoline hills and walls.

Fun in the pitspits with Elliott.

Collin building walls

Truman, happy and not being destructive.

AnAnd Bennett, birthday boy having so much fun.

I think I’ll do a different post with the boys later in the day. Too many photos and I need to run to the store and do lunch right now!


I am a father to two beautiful, smart, hard-working young women. I got to be Father-of-the-Bride twice within 3 months (Emily - Nov '17, Elise - Feb '18). They picked guys just like I would have picked for them.


Here’s a pic from Emily’s wedding - we planned a big surprise dance number for the ‘Father/daughter’ dance! Plus the happy couple!



Oh my goodness. 1. All of your children look like miniature versions of you 2. You have a beautiful family 3. I bet you have your hands FULL! haha


That’s awesome, Charlie! What a special year for your family!

@beyondmythoughts Thanks, Trinity! They are a full time job away from my full time job!


I just love your wife, looking at those pictures with the baby makes my heart smile!


Omg, look at those smiles!!! I love this, what a blast!


Okay, Part 4. Bennett.

Pete the Cat! Groovy!

Let’s throw in a good one of Truman being a kind and considerate kid feeding Jack a bottle. He’s a fun and obedient child 90% of the time.

For those who didn’t look at my The Family: A Proclamation to the World thread, we have a bunch of tradition that we keep up. One is that we always fill our kids room with balloons while they’re sleeping, so they wake to a bunch of balloons on their floor on their birthday. Didn’t get any pictures of it this time. (You’re probably imagining wading through a sea of balloons. No. It’s like a dozen balloons. Be realistic.) Another birthday tradition is something I do for the boys myself, since I’m usually working while they’re at home, I started leaving a treasure hunt for them to do while I’m gone. It’s become a tradition that everyone expects. There’s always a box or bag of treats and little toys/fun stuff in it.

And the treasure! Arrrr! Cant remember what was in it, some fancy popcorn that an attorney brought to my office, little dollar store things. We make birthdays fun, but everything here was purchased on the extreme cheap. We got that tool bench for like $9, because the box was damaged. Rachel is the ultimate bargain shopper and finds awesome deals. We get our Christmas shopping done way before December.

A few cake pictures. Bennett loves his Teddy Bear. He got it on his 2nd birthday. This teddy bear actually belonged to Rachel as a baby though. She received it for her 2nd birthday. Theres a side by side of the two of them on their 2nd birthdays with the teddy bear. I may be able to find it…

Bennett had a blast. And now back to being horrible parents… :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


You are going to seriously regret that tambourine. I can just feel it.

@Charlie_C, it’s so good to see pictures from the wedding! That was the one you were working so hard at sobriety for, yes? You both look like you were having a blast, but there is something extra special about your face. Amazing!


Lordy, Bennett is what cheesecake would be in human form. So cute and full of cheese!

I agree with the miniature yous comment. I’m not sure your wife gave birth to that brood or if you just had yourself cloned 72639 times.


@beyondmythoughts Hahaha! Yeah, a bunch of mini-me’s. You guys are so right! Cheesecake is a great comparison. He’s just that good!


We’ve definitely had worse toys in our house. So far, it’s been forgotten. The possessed devil toys that turn on in the middle of the night are the worst.


Are you creating a small army? :eyes::joy:


Trying to take over the world! :rofl: No. Just trying to form a boy band of all brothers.


LOL! :joy: I’m sure you can do better than the Jonas brothers


Duh! I’ve got 5 of them! We will be the Backstreet Boys/N*Sync/Jackson 5 of families, without the drama though.