Best part of being Dad



No drama and no abuse! I hope we all get VIP passes to their first sold out concert!


They are blonde, let’s call them Hanson + 2


Yeah man… those random “hahaha I love you” toys that come on out of nowhere creep me the hell out.


:joy::joy: yess! You can be the general manager :tipping_hand_woman:t3:‍♀️


Do not let that ruffian anywhere near children. It’d be better to have Lindsay Lohans parents be their manager.


Yeah, that’s like giving my 3 year old a plugged in toaster while taking a bath. I think Rachel would make an amazing manager. She is an ultra planner. I would just be the dad riding along.


:joy::joy: oh no, well we definitely don’t want that. Sorry @Englishd, we will have to find a different role for you…Rachel is the new GM!


And you’d be more than the dad riding along! You’d offer emotional, mental, and physical support! All necessary :hugs:


It’s been blazing hot here. 108 today. I dont have AC in my car. Fortunately my practice and house do. Anyway, we went out to feed the ducks. Rachel is using her Lulababy carrier. The boys are wandering off into the duck crap water.

Feeding a goose. They’re the worst.

Today we did a costco trip, complete with samples.


I’m amazed they’re all sitting so still, even with samples.


No AC?! Gawd that sucks. What kind of car? Do you know why the ac doesn’t work?


The compressor clutch went out. It’s something I could possibly fix myself, but time and worry that I’ll screw it up stops me. Sending it to a mechanic stops me because I know it’ll cost me like $400 for a part that is $100.


Have you YouTubed it? I drove for months without ac because I thought it would be expensive. Part was 50 bucks and took me about 15 minutes to swap out the blower in me Honda.


I was going to suggest the same thing - I will look it up on YouTube any time I have something I’ve not done before or wondering how someone else would do it.


YouTube definitely has its uses for that stuff. Both how to fix things and how to not do things lol.


Yeah, I’ll likely end up trying to fix it on my own, but time restrictions and heat are slowing me down. The garage gets unbearably hot.


Well it’s gonna be hot for a spell yet, so get on it. Once it gets cool you’ll have less desire lol, because it wont be such an issue.


I was thinking cooler than 90 degrees. I can deal with the 80’s


My window regulator was broken at the same time as my blower motor not working. Suuuucckkeed. Being the lazy alcoholic I lived with it for like 6 months. Fixed both for about a 100 and like 70 minutes.

When I YouTubed the window motor… I was like jiminy crickets… that took him 10 minutes. Why have I been subjugating myself to such torment lol. I ordered a regulator for a civic at first, got the door apart and put it in and was like dafuq, this thing is way too short. Got the right 1 and it literally took 15 minutes haha.

I have a deep love of Honda’s now.


Yeah, my thermostat went out a few months ago and I was pretty pleased with myself on how I was able to fix it up.