Best part of being Dad



It’s hella rewarding to get it fixed, especially when you do it.


It’s Friday, yay!


So cute!! :heart_eyes:


Shameless brag. Just mowed the lawn, while sick, with a 1 month old strapped to my chest. #iamdad


Flying kites out in the back yard!


Wow. Beautiful day in your neck of the woods. It’s raining here and cloudy.


This side of the Cascades its warm. 80s today, but yesterday it was 104.


Damn…it’s been really hot this past week, close to 100, but we haven’t gone over yet


And an incredible one at that! #iamdad


Haha! Thanks. Trying my best.


I am so impressed by you! Seriously, you have so much on your plate & seem to handle it all with a calm, patient & wise manner (well maybe with the exception of the tv incident :smile:)

You are the head of a huge & beautiful family, building a practice & sharing your testimony daily…And you’re doing it very well, in my humble opinion :hugs::+1:t3:


Very gracious of you! It’s a minute by minute focus. I just hope I can raise them to be good people and not serial killers. I think its every parent’s worst fear that their children won’t repeat their same mistakes. I especially fear they will get caught in the addiction I found myself in. Bound and determined to educate and prepare them for the day they see porn for the first time. Never get sucked in like I did.


Well I hear parents ask occasionally what age their child should be to have their 1st cell phone (I know you’re kiddios are way too young at the moment :smile:) but I usually say, when you think their old enough to see porn. Shocking but true & sad reality of our world today. When that time comes, no one will be better equipped to foresee & navigate these waters then you, rest assured. You’ll be their greatest asset.

As far as possible addiction issues…some of it’s within our control, but certainly not the majority. I think it’s a combination of genetics, predisposition, environment & personality. I’m sure you’ve noticed already each child has unique tendencies, even though they’re raised in the same environment. They’re very different individuals from the get go. The best thing you can do is love their mother . That daily display will impact their lives immeasurably!

My husband & I met in AA. In my mind, this doubled our son’s chances of potentially having an addiction. The fear was stronger when he was younger & has dramatically lessened with each passing year. We’ve been open with him about our alcoholism, diligent about teaching him healthy coping skills, nurturing his self-confidence & showering him with love!

Happy to report (despite our pasts!?) he’s an amazing young man. Everything we prayed for, and nothing like we feared!

You, me & everyone else here in recovery are not dooming the next generation because of our pasts… we’re creating an extraordinary next generation because of our pasts :slight_smile:


That’s awesome to hear. They still make dumb phones though. I dont think my boys need all the technology right away. Eventually yes. We will set up filters and blocks though.

You have good advice. From a parent who’s been through it. Thanks!


We had a fun Sunday. Our best friends from Tacoma came and visited for the day to meet Jack.

There’s a lot of kids between our two families. Their dad is my best friend, their mom is Rachel’s best friend. Collin and their oldest are best friends. The twins and their next play together, and sometimes love each other, sometimes just tolerate each other. Bennett and their older girl have an awkward relationship that we hope will eventually unite our families. Jack and their youngest are kind of odd ducks, since their ages dont match like the others.

Went to the school to play. Still pretty smokey outside.

Elliott is going to be a hardcore roller derby kid soon.

So, today we were going to go on a hike at Boulder Cave. It’s a nice trail that leads to a cave that gets pitch black at its heart. Real fun for the boys. We drove an hour to get there to find that it was closed because some psycho druggie held up the caretaker last night at gunpoint. Last year we did this hike they forgot to open the gate as well. Bad track record for this awesome state park. Well, instead we went out to the river, the. went and got shaved ice. More pictures to come of the shaved ice later.


I said we went to get snowcones, but the pictures hadn’t backed up from my wife’s phone yet. I like to get vanilla ice cream on the bottom. My flavor was cheesecake and caramel with sweetened condensed milk drizzled on top. Awesome!


Great weekend with the family!
The boys and Rachel went to a Daniel Tiger event. Bennett loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS cartoon similar to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood). He wouldn’t get anywhere close to that dude in the costume though.

Elliott talking to Jack about different kinds of cake.

And then Jack gets forgotten about…

Yesterday we went to a water park. It had all sorts of fun things. A surf pool, lazy river and big slides. Here’s Elliott on the body board.

Bennett and Dad on the river.

I tried it too. Fell down pretty quickly both times.

Well, apparently because of the crazy fires everywhere, the air quality has become hazardous. They shut down the park around 2. Lame. So, we went down to the river to expose our lungs to the smoke instead.

Fun weekend. Although Bennett was holding onto me the whole time. He got sick on the drive there and puked. Poor kid. I think he still had fun.


Lol poor air quality never stopped anyone before! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: glad you and the family had a good time!


We have a good time anywhere we go.


Okay, so this was a busy weekend. And this week is going to get busier. Figured I’d take this chance to post a little.
We have these orchards/farms called You-pick, where you harvest it yourself and and get a cheap price for the fruit. We went to one this last weekend. It wasnt so smoky outside. They had cats and dogs and bunnys that the boys loved.

Blueberry bushes

Bennett picking berries. Dont let him fool you. He didnt really pick any at all…

Collin did the best at picking. He’s been a really good kid lately and I’m super proud of him.

Rachel wore Jack while picking. Meanwhile, I took Bennett to go potty in the Port-a-potty, where he refused to go. Maybe because it was friggin disgusting in there, I dont know. Potty training him has been hard. We’ve literally had to change poopy underwear on a daily basis and bathe him for like a month now. :triumph:

Here’s our harvest. We didn’t have very much time. We did a lot better last year. Almost filled two buckets full. We will go back later in the season.

Bennett decided to ride in the wagon. They allow people to sample the fruit, which is cool. He ate an apple while we picked.

We picked some pears as well.

Other awesomeness this weekend. Bennett likes to ride his strider bike, but hadn’t a lot of experience peddling. We put some training wheels on this bike and he picked it right up. He’s getting to be such a big kid! If only he’d learn to not crap in his pants every day…

Last night we had our back to school dinner. Our theme for the year is “Be of Good Cheer.” Learning to be more happy because of Christ and His atonement. We had Spaghetti and homemade Meatballs, Apple Pie Salad, French Bread, and Green Beans for dinner. Then made homemade brownies and homemade ice cream for dessert.
Okay, here’s where you dont get all “the Grimmer’s are some sort of freak of nature perfect people” on me. Making homemade dessert is not that hard, and making this dinner was a ton of freakin work for not a whole lot of the boys consuming it. I thought it was good though. You should make homemade ice cream though, way better than the store bought stuff. Ask and I’ll tell you how to make it.

The boys back to school gift was New Shoes! Rachel is an ultra deal finder. Each of these were less than $15.

I’ll post some more tomorrow about my birthday today. It was an eventful weekend.