Bible verses for Motivation and Knowledge


Furry convention!


I like a funny guy. I just also like an original guy. We are too old for “dinner”. Raise the bar. A trail ride if you’re flush and she has a horse necklace or something. See her. Hear her. I’m sure something that you see or hear indicates she likes to do something other than eat. The best date of my life we walked around downtown looking for something to do. Never found it but passed tons of things to stimulate conversation. Then we sat on a bench and watched the water and chatted for hours. That sort of date has a flexible time line and you can travel seperatly. You dont wonder if the other is waiting on you to leave because either of you could leave at any time. shrugs I’m an oddball. Just saying, guys ask girls to eat all the time. Guys who would suggest anything else would have my more of my attention and interest. I blew a guy off for Indian food just last week. And I love Indian food.


Hahaha! Recently heard a story of a lady who bought a ticket for her and her dog to go to FurryCon. As soon as she arrived she realized she wasn’t in the right place. People asked a lot about why she was there and after some time she was invited to be a speaker about the charity that her dog represents because it’s a service dog for her, being a Veteran. She raised $10,000 from the Furries at the convention for her Charity!


No one ever said they were bad people. From what I’ve heard they have been great guests at the furrycon in Pittsburgh


What about being asked to be eaten? :laughing:


I don’t know any Furries. Unless they’re closet Furries. I’m sure they’re great people. There are weirder things people could be into. I honestly don’t judge.


Good greif, its a bible thread, Bill. :grin:


Your new mod ladies and gents lol


Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind” (Genesis 9:6)

There you go


I’m about to get closer to God by eating some strawberry fluffernutter


Furries are going to have a whole sobriety following here soon after we’re done running this joke into the ground.


Not sure what that is, but it sounds good. If I were single and a lady asked me to dinner and I was in to her, heck yes. I’m all for free meals with good food.



It’s good stuff…the things dreams are made of. For the record though, don’t ask a girl if she wants strawberry fluffernutter on the first date. It could turn quickly…lol.


So, it’s just strawberry flavored marshmallow fluff. So versatile, put it on everything. Yeah, maybe not a first date, or second, or third…


Man, it doesn’t sound as good when you spell it out like that…lol :joy:


No, it is nothing without the peanutbutter and bread. Alone, it is just fluff.


And he lucked out finding strawberry. A fluffernutter generally has plain fluff.


There’s chocolate as well…


Well, I’m pretty sure this conversation has been motivational for @ProfessorOak to get his groove on. Just follow all the advice we just gave you!