Binge eating recovery daily check in thread (Part 2)

@Aleyadaisey I’m glad you are safe 🩵
@acromouse my plan is always just to keep trying, and keep meditating, though I am behind on some meditations so I will try to catch-up today. I also have the Ultra Processed People Audiobook I would like to start listening to.

1.5 days no takeaways.
1 day no sugar.
13 hours no crisps, no binge-eating.

I binged on crisps again last night, but I am pleased I was able to resist buying anything sugary. Tonight I hope I won’t go to the shops at all, which should be possible as I ideally need to have an early night as I have an early train to catch to visit my WhatsApp friend.



Today’s intake (will update as I go)

1 12oz sugar free red bull
1 cake pop
3 shots of espresso
Tripocal citrus drink
Slice of white cheddar from eggs n cheddar box

Making the most unhealthy dinner :pleading_face: but it’s a kids favorite

Ground beef, salsa, sour cream, Velveeta, and shredded cheese as a dip, and tortilla chips on the side.
10000 calories :sob:

I didn’t eat much today though so I will have some :slightly_smiling_face:

Started eating and got nauseous . So i gave it to my daughter. I know nothing is wrong with the food. I guess it was just too heavy… I’ll try to have something lighter in a while


Day 1307 : No binge today. :blush:

@acromouse @CATMANCAM Thank you both. :purple_heart:


2 days no takeaways, no sugar.
1 day no crisps, no binge-eating.

Very happy to have made it past that elusive day 1. I feel focused again. I am visiting a friend today, a 2.5hr train journey both ways. Travelling used to be a trigger but I will be prepared.



@CATMANCAM Glad to hear you made it through day 1. Always a hard one. If you happen to listen to this UltraProcessedPeople Audiobook, I’d like to hear what you think about it, if you’d like to share. Happy travels :railway_car:

233 sugar
97 UPF
104 gluten
3 dairy
3 overeating


Day 1308 : No binge today. :blush:

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