Bird watching


Having a drink in a water feature :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh! How cool!


These are gorgeous. You’ve got real talent. Have you considered a art blog?


Thank you very much! :blush:

I do Instagram but haven’t done much lately. Needed some headspace. But I will pick it up again soon :fist:


Yesterday morning out on my run, I saw a small bare tree in someone’s front yard that had at least a dozen blue jays in it.

My favorite bird, so you can imagine my delight. But I’ve always known them to be generally solitary birds, not inclined to congregate like that. I wonder why they were? Maybe some bird party I didn’t get invited to :frowning:

There was also a report on the news here last night that a woman in Alabama has had a yellow cardinal living on her property. Apparently they are highly rare. I prefer the classic red, but the yellow was cool to see!


Must have been a remarkable sight :slight_smile:


I often see Blue Jays in what I refer to as a “gang”, like 5-12 together. They sometimes hang together and help each other - it is pretty cool to watch their social structure. They will sometimes come to my feeders in groups - some stay in trees for lookout and they come back and forth to my deck. they are ground feeders, so I throw some seed out on my back deck and they come hang.

I love the photos of the yellow cardinal - they are rare indeed. There have also been some recent reports of dual colored ones - like a mix of genders or something. I like seeing the female ones with their more subtle brown-yellow-orange colouring.


A male goldeneye has returned to a pond near us. For couple of years he has returned alone. It breaks my heart that he has lost his spouse :cry:

Edit i was wrong! Today saw his duckfaced new loved one :heart_eyes:


The yellow cardinal report has been recirculating recently. When the report initially came out, i was on the lookout for it. It was spotted only a few miles from my home. Redbirds are my favorites!


The cardinal is our state bird, and I see them all the time visiting the many feeders on our property. One issue is in the spring they attack their reflection in my office window. I have to put a cardboard cutout of a person in the window to keep them away.


Is it of any significance which person’s likeness is used to repel them?


Ha! Not really. It’s something I had laying around. A really old display from back when I worked nights and weekends at a Blockbuster Video store.


Blockbuster? I haven’t heard that name in years. I worked at one as well


There was one many years ago who would sit n peck at his reflection on the side mirror of my neighbors car. I would see it often on early morning runs.

Blockbuster… memory lane activated.


@SweetTea. I know the exact bird. It is black, white, and has a touch of orange. The bird jumps from mirror to door … mirrror to door … mirror to door … over and over and over again. It is comical to watch. @Yoda-Stevie. I still owe some VHS rentals back to Blockbuster. 16 candles and Weird Science. LOL :joy:


This is the kind I’m talking about…male cardinal. Cardinals live as couples for life. (-:


Here is a female and male that i painted on a card for someone.


Wow thats really good! My grandmother loved redbirds. I learned to love them too. Whenever i see one, it makes me feel good.




Aaww poor thing. We are having snow today and i just wish for the birds it would become warmer soon