Breath - 30 Day Yoga Journey (Yoga With Adriene)

Daaaay 13 done and dusted :star_struck::star_struck: feel quite tired after a long walk this morning but glad I got it done. Lots of spine clicking going on today which felt good.


Day 24 - rejuvenate :heavy_check_mark:

I am strong

Was wondering when the side planks would turn up!

Really am feeling rejuvenated by this yoga series, and motivated to continue after it’s finished.


Day 14 complete.

Glad today’s was quiet easy. Feel tired and a bit meh… but got it done and feel better for it.


I’m going to continue on after the 30 days too.
I’m really enjoying it over all and always feel so much better after I’ve finished a session.

Where to go after this though?? :thinking:


What is the most beautiful yoga journal? I am curious :blush::pray:

She has a huge back catalogue of videos and she usually puts monthly playlists together with them, plus some new content.

Of course other online yoga people are available!

Recommendations I have had include Tim, Kassandra (yin) and Leslie Fightmaster. Lots of links etc in the yoga group chat, I guess we will go back there once Breath is done!


Day 25 - love :heavy_check_mark:

Got a bit lost in thought and felt generally a bit off with this one. Always find the idea of love a bit difficult to connect with, it hits a nerve I guess. Anyway, another day done! Not too intense and some nice hip stretches in there.


Finished day 15 this morning. Found the half moon poses quite difficult and was frustrated with it at first but decided to dig deep when we swapped sides and completed it.
Really not feeling too great today, physically I’m fine but mentally I’m all cloudy and meh.
Suppose I still did it so theres that.


Day 26 - expand :heavy_check_mark:

You can do this, you are doing it!

Short and sweet today. Puppy climbed on my back while in sphinx pose and stayed there for the forearm plank :joy: she didn’t stay on for the hip dips though.


Day 16 complete. Easy breezy.
Feel much better today but who knows what tomorrow will bring :rofl: just trying to take things one day at a time, but feeling good today so will make the most of it!
Looking forward to tomorrow’s session, quite a long one titled “happiness boost” so that should be fun.


I’m late but still committed! Trying not to be hard on myself, but my back is begging me to get back into it!

Lots of work and stuff, but I’m still engaged. Tonight, I do 17 & 18


Ahh it is so nice when you get to practice after your body is telling you it’s what you need :hugs::sparkling_heart:

Day 27 - heal :heavy_check_mark:

I am worthy

Another slow and gentle one with some nice twists and hip stretches, plus lots of breathwork.


Day 17 done. Really lovely one today and my balance is getting much better.


Day 24 & 25 today.
I feel so good wrapping up January, and I’m always grateful for YWA 30 day January journeys.
What a wonderful way to start the year. :hugs:

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Day 17 & 18 done!
Feels good to feel powerful, physically mostly, again. :sparkles:


Day 28 - trust :heavy_check_mark:

Everything is as it should be

Have just found it awesome through this journey to realise how much strength is being built, even on days when it doesn’t necessarily feel like it. But getting into poses in a way that just wasn’t available before. Still don’t get my heels down for downward dog and crow isn’t anywhere near being in my vocabulary but I couldn’t care less!

Don’t want to tempt fate but haven’t completed a 30 day anything for so long. This has just been exactly the right thing at exactly the right time for me.

So glad to be sharing it with you guys, wherever you’re at with it! :pray::sparkling_heart:


Completed day 18 today, I was getting a little bit frustrated at the balancing bit (not sure what its called) but you know when you’re in the pose and she goes through all the different levels you can do whilst your stood there still holding it? Like ADRIENE HURRY UP! PLEASE!! :disappointed_relieved::rofl::rofl:
But I stuck with it and felt really good by the end :star_struck:


29 - believe :heavy_check_mark:

Every end is a new beginning

So I did a bit of reflection after day 28, and there’s still another day to go… But still, very nearly at the end of the month. Something that’s come up for me a lot, not just through this yoga journey, is believing that we have what we need to get through what’s in front of us.

Some tests in there today, one armed plank and the standing splits pose. Phew!

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Day 19 done.
I was NOT feeling up to it this morning, kiddo was running rings around me and I didnt get a great sleep so was very moody and tense.
Just finished and I feel so much better. Took the opportunity to take 10 deep and slow breaths in corpse pose at the end which I feel helped.
Today was very gentle too.