Breath - 30 Day Yoga Journey (Yoga With Adriene)



Whooo hoooo! I’m in! :heartbeat:


Day Zero: YWA Breathe- Done.

I am also doing a morning meditation challenge on Insight Timer. 7am GMT/7am EST/7am PST (a choice, not all three) I missed the 7am, thanks to neurotic dogs and fireworks, I didn’t see sleep until 1:30a. Happy New Year!


Day zero Breathe & Home day 20.

I’ve come to enjoy Adrienne’s narration and guidance. I think I attributed judgement towards her for no reason, other than things I may need to look at, but for now I listen with distance, no emotion other than for myself. It’s nice.

I’m ready to improve my practice and I’m real excited. :kissing_smiling_eyes::person_in_lotus_position:t2:


Missed the intro video yesterday but I have done day 1 :heavy_check_mark:

Nearly let the length of it put me off cos I am meeting a friend this morning but decided to make this time for myself. Which is what it’s all about! And I’m glad I did.

Found it tougher than I thought I would as I’ve had a near daily practice for the last few weeks, but I’ve really been trying to work on the foundation and get muscles engaged etc.

Looking forward to the journey and sharing it with you all :pray::sparkling_heart:

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Day 1. Invite. I am feeling IT! Love her space and i remembered how good it feels to hold those positions for a little longer.

Note to beginners, I would probably not recommend this series to a beginner-beginner. I say this because there are less cues for new folks trying or even coming back to yoga after a long time. I think it will depend on the person, and if you feel like easing in with… more ease, I recommend Revolution by YWA on YouTube. Now, I say this after day 1, it might get different. I just have found other series to be more beginner friendly.

Give it a try hopefully though, and see :sparkles::slight_smile:

Also found this gem:


Huh. Bummer. I am pretty good at modifying to accommodate my body. So, I will give it a go. I am pretty out of shape, so we’ll see. I feel as if I need to keep this and my meditation commitment, but I don’t want to be stupid about it.


Give it a go, there are modifications throughout and the most important thing is showing up! If you don’t get through every pose perfectly it doesn’t matter. It is a slow and deliberate practice so there is time to make adjustments to find what feels right :hugs:

I know what you mean @liv_m I was actually thinking about how different the series have got over time. They feel much more foundational to me, less about finding a particular pose and more about feeling into your body. I kind of wish I had started yoga like that! But it may be that I appreciate it more as someone who has done a bit and also mental health wise it fits where I’m at. I started YouTube yoga with Revolution I think and it was really good.

Will be interesting to hear how you find it Jene :pray::sparkling_heart:


It was good. My muscles felt heavy and tired today during the practice. Making some of those long holds seem even longer. :smile:


These videos taught me how to do yoga, oh 2 or 3 years ago!


I was concerned I’d be a bummer. I’m sorry! I just wanted everyone to find themselves and not get discouraged. Let me know how day 1 goes.

I like hearing that you accomodate for your body though!

It’s only day 1, I may have jumped the gun.

Stick with us, let’s see :two_hearts:


No, friend. I appreciate the feedback. I still haven’t gone in to do it. Alas, I have been somewhat chair-bound today because of back spasms. I think I might just spool up her back pain series and start there.


Day 2 :heavy_check_mark: Arrive.

Each new breath is a chance to arrive :sparkling_heart:

Really feeling the muscles turn on and finding my way with some of the movements in a way I haven’t before. Appreciate the opportunity to take it slowly although things are aching a bit! Building strength :muscle:

Loving the reminder that we just need to show up and see how things unfold.


Yoga with adriene is my favorite. I just love how chill Benji Is :heart: and her voice :heart: I love her videos first thing in the morning.


Aww yea Benji is so sweet!

I am having to time my morning yoga around puppy naps, cos when she is awake it is bedlam :joy:

Although she did wake up this morning. Fortunately at the beginning while I was sitting down and she just came and curled up on my lap for that bit.


Oh no!!! I did share chair yoga above. :two_hearts:


Day 2. I always enjoy YWA practices. This is definitely the right way to start this year, and a great way to end last year.


My back was kind of spasm-y at the beginning of yesterdays practice (and today) , but was better by the end of it. I have to remind myself sometimes the the movement may hurt a bit, but it will also probably help.
Just be gentle with yourself. :hugs:


Day 2, Arrive, done.

I have a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my knee from a fall snowboarding :snowboarder: yesterday. But I still did it because I have come to need it. I also love the impact of yoga on other sports. I can just feel the core power!

I was feeling anger and the beginning helped me arrive. I also enjoyed how she said that we can always arrive aknew with a breath. I’m going to keep this in mind.


I actually wrote in my journal about her saying that each breath we arrive anew.