Breath - 30 Day Yoga Journey (Yoga With Adriene)

I imagine it’s really great for weightlifting, to help with alignment etc and protect from any damage. As well as all the other benefits of yoga for strength, conditioning, wellbeing etc.


It’s a very different way of using my body but one that is incredibly welcome. And yah I’m hoping the stretching element will be helpful in staving off injuries.

It’s nice to have something that is kind of a blend between meditation and movement, like mindfulness via activity? I dunno its all new to me and hard to explain but I really like it :blush:


That’s what I like about it too… it’s like meditating whilst moving.
I’ve tried meditation a few times but my mind is so busy I cant quite manage it when I’m sitting/lying still. So this way is much better as I’m concentrating on my breath and the sensations from each movement.
It’s much easier for me to keep my mind still when doing yoga, I think this is why I feel so much more at peace after each session. :star_struck:

Just finished day 9. Feel better after than I did before, worked up a bit of a sweat too.


Yea it’s definitely mindful movement! And some meditations are very breath focused, it probably depends a bit on the type of yoga and the type of meditation as to the amount of cross over. But the general principles of coming back to the breath, meeting yourself where you are and acknowledging whatever comes up are definitely themes from both my yoga and meditation practice! :pray::sparkling_heart:


Day 15! :sparkles::person_in_lotus_position:t2:


Day 20 - pause :heavy_check_mark:

Another breathwork day, with breath retention. Nice to have a break. Taking the pause, making space and finding strength :sparkling_heart:


Day 10 done. It was quite short so I added some of my favourite poses at the end.

I love ‘forward fold’ :drooling_face: I would have had no idea something as simple as that would be so effective.
Better than any other upper back ‘stretching’ I’ve ever done, I hold ALOT of tension in that area too so its great to feel it ease off when I’m doing that.


Day 20, control :heavy_check_mark:

How you move matters

I have not been showing up in a way I am proud of in my relationship recently. Acting from a place of hurt, sadness and frustration. Struggling to tap into anything else at the moment.

Hmmph. But I showed up to practice so that’s something.


Just finished day 11. Really loved it today, felt strong and full of energy :star_struck::star_struck:
Poses are getting easier and now I have flat feet when doing downward facing dog, rather than being on my tip toes :grin: (although still not quite sure why its classed as a resting pose :thinking: still feels kind of hard :rofl:)


Day 21 - renew :heavy_check_mark:

Revisiting the reasons for being on this journey… Makes me think about more than yoga to be honest, as always!

Anyway, my motivation for bringing yoga back into my routine is to cultivate strength and compassion. I think she said something about acceptance and awareness? That too!


Finished day 12 today.
Man I was one shakey ‘tree’ but managed to keep my balance throughout so was happy about that


I am so grateful to be in a position where I can practice every day. I hope you can find that too! :pray::sparkling_heart:

Day 22 - dedicate :heavy_check_mark:

Find your breath, find yourself

It’s that basic principle of mindfulness that is so simple but really quite difficult to put into practice.

Daily yoga is definitely the I in my AEIOUY reflection first and foremost, as well as being the E and helping lay the foundations for O and U too.

Something I have been doing on this round of yoga practice, that I started in December, is choosing not to take the more advanced options of poses. So keeping the back knee down etc. I have a strong tendency to try and run before I can walk, a desire to ‘achieve’. A lot of this is tied up in people pleasing but I am not trying to please anyone here. Letting go of those expectations of myself and the pressure to achieve any outcome other than to show up.


Daaaay 13 done and dusted :star_struck::star_struck: feel quite tired after a long walk this morning but glad I got it done. Lots of spine clicking going on today which felt good.


Day 24 - rejuvenate :heavy_check_mark:

I am strong

Was wondering when the side planks would turn up!

Really am feeling rejuvenated by this yoga series, and motivated to continue after it’s finished.


Day 14 complete.

Glad today’s was quiet easy. Feel tired and a bit meh… but got it done and feel better for it.


I’m going to continue on after the 30 days too.
I’m really enjoying it over all and always feel so much better after I’ve finished a session.

Where to go after this though?? :thinking:


What is the most beautiful yoga journal? I am curious :blush::pray:

She has a huge back catalogue of videos and she usually puts monthly playlists together with them, plus some new content.

Of course other online yoga people are available!

Recommendations I have had include Tim, Kassandra (yin) and Leslie Fightmaster. Lots of links etc in the yoga group chat, I guess we will go back there once Breath is done!


Day 25 - love :heavy_check_mark:

Got a bit lost in thought and felt generally a bit off with this one. Always find the idea of love a bit difficult to connect with, it hits a nerve I guess. Anyway, another day done! Not too intense and some nice hip stretches in there.