Calling all Artists

Hi there, I’m new here, and I wanna see what you make when you’re recovering/quarantined/when you’re just plain moved to! It doesn’t have to be “good”, it just has to be coming from a place that’s real ~ Hope you’re staying safe, sober n warm out there.


#spokenwordpoëtry joost_lancee @ insta


Oooof I love it, thank you

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That’s lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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Thnx and be safe !


Maren, I checked out your website. You are very talented!!!
I had a Sony Alpha camera donated to me, but have no idea how to use it.
I am going to sign-up for a class, but I don’t think i will ever get to what you are doing.

Great stuff!!!

Hang in there during this virus stuff…weird times.
(I feel a photo topic in there somewhere … hmmmm :thinking:)

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Aw thanks! You can do what I do, for sure, in your own way, of course! Now would be a good time to just experiment - the fun way to learn! I use analog a lot (film like 35mm and 4x5) it helped me understand a lot of the technical side of photo-making, it applies to digital too. I used to offer workshops called “Fearless Light” , maybe I’ll do a live stream version… Hmmm
And I love the photo thread idea! Very nice to meet you. Weird times indeed, hopefully a big paradigm shift for many when they consider what is most important in life.

Keep writing! I like your style

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Here is the course I am looking to sign-up for online:

Beverly Richards Schulz is an award-winning photographer and graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in Adult and Continuing Education. For the past 10 years, Schulz has taught at the University of San Francisco. With more than 15 years teaching experience, she has written over 30 digital photography and digital editing courses. She co-authored the book “Photoshop Elements 14—What’s New?”

Ah yes, very technical-focused workshop. I could probably learn a thing or two :joy:

What is it that excites you about photography? What do you feel you’ll want to capture with a camera?

I find that exploration and the excitement therein are really key to pursuing and absorbing any new skill, at least for me!

I want to be able capture moments; especially in nature.
I think being able to understand and use the equipment will help me enjoy it more.

Additionally, my addiction sucked the creativity out of me. For too many years I was a slave to my addiction. Spent the rest of my time trying to stay employed in corporate america. Now that I’ve been sober for 66 days, I find a pull from my creative side. I don’t know if this will amount to anything or not, but I want to give it a fighting chance. It is kind of hard to put into words.


Congratulations on the return of creative desires and 66 days!!! I am working through a block myself.
I hope you are able to enjoy nature still without breaking quarantine! No access here. It’s hard enough without quarantine, I miss the woods.
I love understanding how things work as well, especially cameras, light waves, sound waves and people. Hence my doing experimental portraiture, and musicianship. Light and sound have so many incredible properties, overlaps and effects on (and origins in) the human experience! Anything can become a language. Hehe apologies if this is unwarranted, I get excited about this stuff!
Yesterday I converted a portrait of my friend L (incredible cellist and artist) into a drawing, scanned it then started digitally painting on the sketch - I love working with/for other people making art, though I miss making art for the sake of saying something that simply needs to be said. I am trying to get my bravery back and to stop feeling burnt out. I am hungry for non-transactional friendships and experiences … & Drinking is no longer an escape, it’s a fear making cycle that is preventing me from being real because it is creating it’s own reality for me,… Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 6.05.22 PM|451x499


That is very simple and cool!!! I love it!!!
You are very talented

Take/make a photo, post it here! I’m here for the exploration and liveliness of it all, never to judge!

I will when I feel a little more comfortable with the camera :grinning:

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Yay, I like art threads!

For more, you can also check out Show the artist within you and Musicians Unite :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh thank you! Right after creating this thread I realized there may be some existing already, apologies, I’m pretty new to the community and threading


No worries, it happens :slight_smile:

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