Calorie Tracking

@Robin, is there any way you could, in addition to the ‘money tracking’ feature, put in a ‘calorie tracking’ feature? I feel like that’d be very useful in helping people avoid relapses, especially those looking to lose a few pounds.


I would kind of say that info is irrelevant when most will eat more instead to gain those calories. Would just be more beneficial to use a calorie structured app to record. If beer or alcohol isnt in your diet anymore why should it be tracked? Maybe if your trying to moderate but this site is for totally sober not moderation…Plus even the money saved is just eye ball guesses. Some days id spend 40 bux and some days i spent 200. So the tracker for my habit is a irrelevant tool to me but maybe more accurate for others


I just started using MyFitnessPal. It’s been pretty easy to use :blush:


I will 2nd myfitnesspal. I used it for years to log food, now I just use it for measurements and weight. Works great.

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Hey @SassyRocks! So when you used it to lose weight, did you eat the same thing every day for a period of time and then change it up to a new meal plan with similar calories or did you just change it up every day?

Edit just re read your post, you didn’t exactly say you used it to lose weight… Was that your goal originally?

I used it to see what my calorie intake was for years and I logged all my food, recipes, etc in it. I don’t eat the same thing every day, but I do eat similar foods in rotation. I also used it to check my macros when I first started keto last year.

For weight loss, I find eating mostly the same foods works well for me, rotating in and out other foods as needed. Right now I am having a meal of celery, chicken and a lot of avocado mayo. Will follow it with a fat bomb to up my fat (I eat keto). Will eat some cheese and protein and nuts later in the day. I try to keep my eating window to around 5 hours a day…works well for me right now.

Myfitnesspal is a great app for tracking.

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As an alternative, I use SparkPeople, which is also free, has many of the same features and a robust online community. I’ve been using that website since about 2003 off and on. I track nutrients, macros, fiber, weight and measurements.

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Eating window, I like that concept. I burn about 2,100 calories a day and am eating around 1600 to lose some weight and by tracking my macros I actually don’t feel like I’m starving myself… Which is always nice lol

I’m not sure I could do keto myself but I hear it’s worked well for others

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Sparkpeople is another good website. I started years ago as well with MFP so stuck to that one. I only use now to track my weight and measurements. It was great when trying to figure out my macros.

@Lionfish, keto is pretty simple once you figure it out and get fat adapted. And you rarely feel hungry on it, which is an interesting phenomenon. I always say, do what works for YOU…same as sobriety.


I like Cronometer. It breaks down the macros even further. But knowing what amino acids I’m getting rather than just protein is important as a vegan. I also like to see how much of each vitamin I’m getting.

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I downloaded it, seems pretty neat. Thanks! Are you using free version or premium?

Free version for now, might consider doing premium. I created a one day meal plan and will eat that for 5 days and then switch it up for another 5 days. I don’t really have much weight to lose, but I started to feel like I was working out to combat my over eating and it just wasn’t a good cycle.

I stared to crave sweets so much more since being sober. So it’s a struggle lol

What are your goals?

I don’t want to see that number. Lol. The money saved makes me ill. I would hate to see the calories. Haha

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Moved this to a new topic to keep the feedback one clean. On a side note, I made “Fasting Time” a while ago for some of the people that were using Sober Time for fasting. I got a few requests and tailored it for fasting, it has a user interface that’s very similar to Sober Time.

Here’s the link:
Fasting Time on Google Play

Currently only on Android, the iOS version is coming soon.


Thanks! Was wondering how to do this

I also use myfitnesspal. It’s really awesome

Sweet. I fast every first Sunday of the month.

Hahaha. Lots and lots of 20 minute microfasts. Sometimes I’ll go a solid 7 hours fasting while I sleep! :rofl:

I fast every day, between meals as well. :grin: I do intermittent fasting. Generally have an eating window of anywhere from 4 to 8 hours …usually 4 to 6 hours when I eat, the rest I am fasting. Glad not to be snacking anymore.

Did you create a meal plan on the ap? Or one on your own based on the calories it told you meals have? I have a hard time with new aps, I dont use them much anymore lol.
I want to lose about 25 pounds, just to be lean. I started over-eating when i began lifting heavy but I miss being toned more than anything now that I’m big.