Character Defect of the Day

Me too @Bootz. Mostly old colleagues but I’m not ready to delete them yet. I keep them in case they try to contact me, then I’ll know who it is. Not that I would answer their calls or texts and they probably won’t contact me anyway but I would want to know if they did.


I am probably too fast to delete numbers. Probably bc I moved too often and I learnt that many contacts are transient. It’s sad to realise that it won’t stay but I try to shift perspective a bit. They have been important at some point in my life but now we moved on. It’s letting of. It’s sad sometimes but it’s always from both sides I think.


I have prejudices against people driving certain car brands.


Paranoia, everyone is talking about me, blaming me, hating me, judging me.
You know, cuz its all about me. :roll_eyes: