Checking in daily to maintain focus #32

Congrats on your recovery.


New sobriety…new journey…double digits


Mel - you are one of the leaders around here I look up to! I am thrilled to be on this journey with you!


Nice one, Mel :slightly_smiling_face:


I am almost at five months soberity


I know this feeling maybe reading your post evokes many emotions in me. Here is my favourite poem.


I got the worst ADHD and can’t comprehend even close to what that means :joy:. Like keep pushing forward?


Good morning , just checking in


7 months today, 7 months of freedom, self-learning and discovery.


Thats awesome :ok_hand:


Way to go Marie.

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I’m recognizing some trauma from my early teen years today. Watching some stupid show triggered it. Doing my best to just sit in the discomfort and let go.
I think this is a huge reason I started drinking in the first place in my early teens. Thinking about the things I went through as a 13 year old kid still brings up shame….
Not repressing, not obsessing, just recognizing and letting go.
Grateful to be sober and have a place to check in. Thanks for being here.


Exactly. For me it means that thanks to the work I put in my recovery I still might fall in holes (dark thoughts and make the same mistakes) but it gets easier and I stay less time in these holes and eventually, maybe I have learned my lesson and take another road.

Edit: saying, I don’t understand, please precise is also a huge step. So ppl can explain differently, get to know each other better. Eg I love pictures and metaphors where your brain might not be wired like this, so communication might be hindered. So, giving feedback is a good thing.


@Complicatedmama how exciting about the new house and a magnificent surprise for your children… my thouggts and prayers are with your brother, wishing him strength to fight his addiction. Congratulations on your 300 days totally amazing, well done
@Desire2ChangeToday 2 years wow, congratulations to you :slightly_smiling_face:
@Tyler2020 thank you for your good wishes and good news re Therapy all good work in progress .
@Rockstar24777 ah so good you had an awsome day, sure illustrates how far you have come in your journey and now giving back. You will get so much from this work, as i do with a similar role… very happy for you.
Thank you @Claartje :green_heart:
The only way @Dazercat Eric, the last month has flown. So good to have reach personal bests in so many ways, never felt so solid and wanting sober life… thank you :blush:

Have a good, sober day all


Your right. I think I’m gonna give this a solid year on my career, I mean it’s literally been about 3 months of doing this. I’m gonna practice harder and work for it harder, if I don’t get better in a years time then I will find something else. But I made 200 dollars off that tattoo today so to me that says I’m worth something.


Hell yeah man that’s so true. And now that I think about it, I joined a lifting forum when I first started lifting and posted videos and damn did I get the some criticism. Nobody seriously knows how to be humble and help ppl anymore. Which is kind of why I stick the self teaching, there is no drama then. I do miss my lifting, tomorrow I have anther tattoo and then I’m gonna go for a hike. Thanks for the pep talk bro


Day 15. Sat outside the gym because…. This body won’t build itself. It’s rainy and I have to work out side today. Hungover me would have a hated this and probably just not bothered going to work. Somehow a little rain doesn’t bother me at all anymore, I’m just grateful I still have a job to go to. Much love everyone, have a happy and sober day


Day 92.

Sober tings …

Today I had a pleasant surprise. I got a text from my bank telling me they had money to refund to me. I thought it was a scam at first because well why would the bank Want to randomly give me money without me first asking for it? :thinking::joy:

Turns out, they do. And today I got refunded a few hundred dollars because apparently the universe its dishing out my manifesting orders :joy:

Ive been manic manifesting lately. And the synchronized moments of universal magic are showing uo everyday. And when these moments of alignment happen, the pure joy I feel Internally ripples through me and makes me smile so authentically I could cry. You know those moments of pure love joy and happiness that just happen out of no where…thats why we are here on this earth, to experience love, joy, and happiness :heart:

It wasn’t the money In particular that made me excited, it was the way the universe orchestraded it to get it to Me how it did and at the moment and time that in did…

There is so much infinite magic in our human incarnations, be open to receiving it :heart: @Chiron


Morning all! Quick check in from me. Looking forward to another sober day. And it’s raining so no need to water the allotment. It’s the little things, lol :joy:


Checking in clean and sober, got mo my meeting last night that I’m so fortunate to have local to me, have a blessed day all. X