Checking in daily to maintain focus #32

  1. Coffee. One more late shift ahead. Looking forward to my weekend after that which will be really free time as my therapy group is on summer break. Will still be working on my mental health though. ODAAT, sober and clean. It’s an essential part of my -and anybody’s- recovery. Recovery is about so much more than simply stopping using our DOC. have as good a day as you can all. Clean and sober. Love from Amsterdam.


3 days coming up today. Having my coffee again today, feels good drinking coffee and not wine in the morning. Had hard time fall asleep yesterday, lots of anxiety, so feeling tired today. Having some pains in my body, but feel pretty good, could be worse. Will not make big plans for the day, just take it easy and take the day as it come.

Good day to you all. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok doing good but when is it over? When do I get to feel like I have succeeded? I know it is ODAAT. and will probably always be. Just feeling a bit blue. Caught a cold, under quarantine. Had to get tested even though I am vaccinated. Can’t go to the gym. Have to work from home until I get a negative covid test. Everything was going so good and then this setback. Could be worse though…I could have picked up a bottle but not caving in. Stay strong people…we got this.


Day 73 AF
Yesterday I returned to work after 2 weeks off. I got seriously triggered when I was leaving work as the boss had put some beers in the fridge for the workers for the first time in months and it instantly took my thoughts to.a bad place. I was strong enough to close the fridge and go home but it was the first time in a couple of months that I’d had a serious urge.


That’s rough! Well done for keeping on keeping on :shark:


Nearly completed 4 days! It was a little easier today except for feeling kind of short tempered. Have felt quite low today as sat around most of day at home and still no work! But got out this afternoon after school pick up for a bike ride along the coast. Saw whales jumping! Bf came and met for dinner. He’s being supportive and not drinking around me atm but I’m telling myself I don’t need the world to be sober for me to be sober. I have to do this regardless of what he chooses or anyone else chooses to do.


That’s a lot all at once…hope things get better :gem:

I did do a double-take (phew!)…… awesome congratulations @Desire2ChangeToday Shay!! :+1:

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Good morning friends - day 255! Slept hard and good. Work will be good - I get to catch up on some small things. My big data migration project is finally over! We put a bow on it this morning. It ended a day later than expected, but some things couldn’t be avoided. The new system is bigger, faster and should allow us DBAs to breathe a little easier. The customers will be happy with the performance and this means we can focus on other systems more often. The one drawback is that this new system is more complicated and not all of my teammates have much experience with these types and it means that there are only a few of us who will really work on this one when things come up. The former system was pretty vanilla and everyone on the team could step in if needed. Oh well, I have to work somewhere for the next couple of years - this one will do. :slight_smile:

Have an awesome day! I am going to do mine sober!


I don’t know if it’s the meds or just life but I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen back into the pattern of not giving myself permission to be happy again recently. Every so often I need to remind myself that it is a choice and I am allowed to enjoy myself. Over and above core commitments and life principles (e.g. relationships, animal care, sobriety, paying bills), I have the freedom to do what I want and that is something that should be embraced with enthusiasm!

There are so many things that I want to do and there is an element of practicality holding me back (so many things, can’t do them all, which one to pick), but also some fear and guilt there too. Thanks to @RetainKingII for the reminder that this is a mindset that can be switched! I had a similar conversation with my OH and when I said about something I’d quite like to try, his first words were ‘do it!’.

With that in mind, had a tax rebate come through and I have a chunk earmarked for some Shakti Dance (a mix of dance and yoga) stuff, something I’d like to try and explore a bit more as a potential future career option.

Am also hoping we will be able to find a house in a new area in the not too distant future. I like it where I live but I feel like a move would do me good. I have wrestled with the idea a lot as I don’t want to just run away from my problems and have them follow me. But I feel like I have a reasonably good handle on the problems that will follow me, and there is some baggage here that I’d rather be without. Fortunately nothing too heavy, so no rush. Seen some lovely looking places though and will be starting to book viewings etc in the next couple of weeks. Exciting times!

Anyway, that’s a long post :sweat_smile:

If anyone wants to join our Recovery Dharma TS Sangha and find out more about this Buddhist inspired approach to recovery ,you can do so here >>

Post includes details for a weekly zoom meeting which I host on behalf of the RD Liverpool group. It starts at 1pm UK time, so just over half an hour;. All welcome :hugs:


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 1,066 and 3 total years sober.



Wahoooo three years!! Great news :slight_smile:



128/90 - Alcohol/Weed. I have been having thoughts of drinking lately. That tiny voice in my head that whispers that I have overcome my problems and I can drink again as a normal person. I have been ignoring the voice, but the temptation lingers. It would be so easy to screw up everything I’ve achieved so far. When does this end? How long will it take for me to be really sober? How long till I can be safe?


Wow 3 years massive Congratulations.


Thank you @Hopeful777 :sunglasses::metal:t2:

Day 410 clean and sober today. To honor my son, love you guys :sunglasses::metal:t2::heart:


Checking in on day 408… Excited and grateful for another productive & hangover free day. Have a good one guys!


I absolutely can relate, so proud of you for sitting with the feeling until it passed on its own and getting through those waves. Super awesome job! :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:

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Wow, congratulations, Chris! :four_leaf_clover::birthday::blush:

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