Checking in daily to maintain focus #33

Checking in.
Day 615 AF
Day 27 no extra added sugar.

I’d check in more with shit going on in my life but things are just kind of boring and mundane around here. And since I’m sober I can definitely live with that. Actually being sober makes it much easier to live like this. I use to drink when I was bored. A LOT!! Ya you can drink a lot when you’re bored right?
Keep fighting the good fight. Keep sharing. Keep supporting. And most of all keep asking for help.
Y’all are worth it.
If I continue to do what I’ve always done.
I’ll continue to get what I’ve always gotten.

Courage To Change


Day 28/418 pills/booze

At work. Crazy pressure. Maintaining my equanimity. Love the job, hate the pressure, so am determined to do the job and let the pressure wash past me. Control the controllable, and ask for the serenity to accept what I cannot change :sunglasses::pray:

Have a good day all


How is the No added sugar going? Do you feel better /different? Great done with hanging on with no adding sugar :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 2 check in! Feeling good! Here’s my kitties :two_hearts:


Great job @MolotovMoxie on your 20 days and @Dansig on your 4 months!


Doing well. I was hoping keeping track of what sugar I do have naturally would help me with my headaches since I cut out all extra added sugar.
But that’s not helping much. But in general I’m feeling pretty good. At least they aren’t crushing hangover headaches.
Been getting some good support on my thread and info.

Thanks for asking.


Congrats on 2 days and your 2 precious kitties.
I love them.



Way to go! Kimberly
One stinking day at a time.


Second check in today. My bike ride was great, although at the beach it was crazy busy. These people, don’t they work? And if not where do they get the money to drive their cars to the beach and clog the roads there all up? Grateful for bicycle paths although they were rather crowded too.
Also grateful that this hairy flying something hit my lip and stung me there instead of flying into my mouth. Lip is swollen and it hurts a bit but it will be OK. Now waiting for the sushi delivery guy. Got a good appetite. Have as good a day or night as you can all. Love form my bike ride.

@beachmouse A bit late but I still want to answer. Because boredom and emptiness and understanding those are essential for staying sober IMO. This boredom and emptiness were always there and we drank to forget it. With differing rates of success and in the end with no success at all as it ended in total frustration, doing absolutely nothing but getting drunk. And in the back of our minds being unhappy and depressed because of that.
So now that we are sober there are two things we need to do. On the one hand we need to fill the emptiness with new things and stuff. Find useful activities to fulfil our lives. Do things that make us happy. But on the other hand we also need to learn to accept that emptiness and boredom is also part of life. That it is fine to do nothing at times. That it is good to sit with yourself and be idle. I think that that is basically what meditation is. Not that I’m a star at it. Anyway, you made me think of that. Congrats on your full month and keep going Julie. You’re doing great.


I think its awsome how long you keept off the sugar :raised_hands: About the headeachs, sure you drink enough water? Or are low in some vitamins? I had much headeachs, and my blood work showed low vit B and D. Got them up, and it helped some :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 31 and I’m grateful for my “third times a charm” husband who actually seems to like me. Sounds silly, but he listens to me, stops what he’s doing and engages in conversations with me, and we laugh. He says he loves me and I believe him, but liking me seems way more important. Sadly I don’t know if it was like this before when I was shades of drunk, but for today I’m grateful for a man who chooses me every day and I’m grateful that I’m sober enough to see it.


You said that one perfectly lol


1 month and 2 days. Really happy with myself. Not long before I reach the longest I have been AF the last 8 years. This time I will not think ahhh Im good now one glass wont hurt. No no no… Keep going.


@beachmouse here’s the thread I think you’re referring to.


Check in ok day just nothing going on but still clean


With alcohol it’s all ok (707day sober), but with food control not so good…((( New start today.


Day 136.

Another difficult night with side effects from Pfizer Jab. Hot and cold sweats all night, my body aching all over like when you have a bad flu, tossing turning, waking up every few hours. It is really uncomfortable. I took Tylenol and I’ve had plenty of water but woke up feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. I hope these side effects don’t stay long.


Day 2.
What I was doing was obviously not enough to keep me sober, so I made a big step for me and finally got the courage to ask someone to help me and be my sponsor. It was easier than I had it built up to be.
I need to work harder at this and hopefully a bit of guidance will be enough to keep me moving forward.

I haven’t opened my aa book in years until this evening.


your not weak, you talk like you have a choice but as you know too well you are powerless over alcohol. What you do have a choice about is what you do to move forward and I would like to say you’ve done it before but that has been and gone, now is the time for doing the basics and doing them daily. Keep it simple and easy does it :+1:


congratulations :grin:

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